Releasing Turtles in Bentota, Sri Lanka

Continuing our Reiki journey in Sri Lanka, on 31st January Balvinder, Sheela, Lata, Mamta, Anuradha and I had a grand opportunity to release some newly hatched baby turtles into the Indian Ocean at Bentota! We each got to release 3 turtles! They were leathe rbacked turtles. . .
The joy of holding the little darlings in our hands, the joy of placing them in the water, the joy of seeing them paddle off. . . Is indescribable!
No other joy comes close. . .
We then blessed our turtles to grow up to be the glorious creatures that they are. . . to fulfill their life purpose and their soul purpose.

I said Ho’oponopono forgiveness to them and gave them my gratitude for allowing me to hold them and release them into their vast home!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Today’s experience releasing the baby turtles was super special. It was lovely to see how the Sri Lankan people are actively taking care of their turtles by the numerous established turtle hatcheries we saw along the beach. We were very fortunate that there were baby turtles just hatched, ready for release just as we arrived in Bentota. How amazing is that! All in all so grateful for this experience.

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


My experience at the turtle hatchery was phenomenal……went there with mixed feelings……. didnt know what to expect…… At the entrance seeing Kamalji, Sheela and Lata’s determination, I agreed to join them in releasing Baby turtles in the sea….. We were given three babies each in a bucket filled with water. ….. My initial reaction was…..reluctance to hold those tiny, playful creatures in my hand….. Finally took the plunge….. The experience was surreal…. It immediately released my motherly instinct….. One by one I saw them riding the waves and get out of my sight….. We departed blessing them with Reiki energy and wishing they fulfill their life purpose.

Balvinder Dhadialla

LHSG Kenya Member


It was exciting moment for me , holding these  little beautiful  creatures and how  they  long  to  go  in  sea immediately after coming out of eggs.
Wishing for their survival and long life.

Lata Kanji

LHSG Kenya Member


Releasing the little turtles into the ocean was an experience I will never forget in my whole life. Giving Reiki to them and lifting them from the bucket they looked like little angels. They were super excited to run to the ocean as we left them on the sand. Their intuition was all that they followed . Some would go running to the sea and some would ponder and stop … looking at the receding waves and then suddenly the waves would come forward and take these little souls into their arms and into the vast ocean. At the end we sent them reiki to be safe and happy – to achieve their life purpose and soul purpose. Suddenly I felt a shift with in me. A powerful anxiety came first with the thought that will they find each other (their brothers/sisters/mothers etc ) and then came the powerful realization that they surrender to the sea and trust the universe will take care. Each soul has it’s own journey!

Mamta Advani

LHSG Kenya Member


Releasing the very young turtles in to the ocean was another life time experience for me which I will cherish my whole life. As I felt the turtles were very excited to go to the ocean and also a bit scared at the same time because the ocean is so big. But the joy of freedom gave them all the courage to get United with the vast ocean. And we gave Reiki to them to fulfil their life purpose and soul purpose.

Anuradha Nath

LHSG Kenya Member




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3 Responses to Releasing Turtles in Bentota, Sri Lanka

  1. Shobhna says:

    it must have been such a lovely experience to put the little turtles in the sea and see them flow with the waves to fulfil their part. Fantastic and commendable deed indeed.

  2. Saving one life is as though you saved a thousand. Those dear little turtles must have connected to the deepest part of you. Your Mamta teaching out unconditionally. You are blessed. Bravo LHSG

  3. Nicole says:

    Thank you for allowing others to be a part of the baby turtles’ journeys by sharing about your experience releasing the baby turtles into the sea. May they be well and happy. May all be well and happy.

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