Seva at Anandapura Home for the Disabled

Our last Seva event in Sri Lanka was giving Reiki to children and adults of the Anandapura Home for the physically and mentally challenged in Nigambo. It was a perfect ending to our special Spiritual / Healing / Reiki laden yatra.

We were a bit worried about how well they would accept the healing touch. . . But we need not have worried. The head of the institution, Gladis was the first to sit down and ask for us to place our hands on her injured thigh! Barring 2 young men who refused, all others simply loved it so much that even after they had received it, they did not want to leave the room!

Giving them touch healing was as special for us as it was for them. It was as fulfilling for us to reach out to them, as it was for them, judging by the smiles they gave us and the joy with which they danced after the healing session! In truth, we had come to give, but we walked away with much more …

We had taken t shirts from Nairobi for everybody there. It was Anuradha, the cook’s birthday on that day. We gave her a shirt, and in return she beamed a smile of a thousand suns in gratitude!

Before leaving, we also bought them some items that they were in need of, like rice, potatoes, onions, sugar, tea, etc. . .

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


It was a very humbling feeling to be at the home. The children are in their own world, all mentally challenged. What karma?? I felt a lot of compassion for each one. They all received the healing v well. They quietened down after the healing. I did Ho’oponopono for each of them. I am full of gratitude to have been able to touch their lives. 

Nalina Rupani

LHSG Kenya Member


We were at Anandapura Children’s Home. We gave Reiki to handicapped and mentally challenged children. It was a soul touching experience for me. All the children’s were happy and playful…… very receptive to Reiki…… each one in their own innocent way helping each other. We were blessed to have this opportunity. Full of gratitude

Rashmeen Tulyani

LHSG Kenya Member


Our last day today in Sri Lanka saw us in Anandapura Children’s home for the disabled. We arrived late morning and after introductions and brief history from Gladys, the owner and caretaker, we started giving healing individually to the occupants of the home. Reiki started flowing so quickly and kept on and on. We were able to give healing to everyone there in good time. We then sang some Swahili songs to claps and cheers from everyone. What a humbling, heartwarming experience….. immense gratitude to complete this Sri Lanka trip by doing this seva.

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


Today was our last day in Sri Lanka, but it’s the most fulfilling day because as a sevak we have did our big seva in Anandapura Home and gave Reiki to all mentally and physically disabled residents there. They were very receptive and loving. So blessed to have this opportunity.

Anuradha Airtel

LHSG Kenya Member


Anandpura children’s home. ….. Very emotional  experience. …. These  children  are  kept  so  well….. They all  were  very  receptive, and  song  a beautiful  song  for  us. While  leaving  one  lady gave me a hug  … I felt so much love from her. My gratitude to the universe and Kamalji for this seva. Lnl

Lata Kanji

LHSG Kenya Member


Anandpura Childrens home Sewa was the cherry on the ice cream! It was a perfect way to end our Sri Lanka trip.
We felt so emotional and humbled by this beautiful opportunity. The disabled people residing here taught me to be joyful, happy and peaceful!

Mamta Advani

LHSG Kenya Member


Today’s visit to the Anandapura Home marked the finale of our spiritual journey to Sri Lanka. It was heavily charged with emotions. Giving Reiki to those ‘special’ children was heart wrenching. Most of them seemed pretty calm while the others were very playful , friendly and very receptive to Reiki. It was the mostly gratifying way to end our trip.

Balvinder Dhadhialla

LHSG Kenya Member


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  1. Nicole says:

    Wow, what a wonderful thing to do while in Sri Lanka. Thank you to all for making the effort to conduct seva at Anandapura Home for the physically and mentally challenged. It is amazing how much one can do for others even while you are traveling. I loved seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, and the beautiful and well kept grounds. The t-shirts from Nairobi were well worth the efforts involved in bringing them along with you.

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