Devotees At UK Jalaram Temple Receive Reiki

The LHSG UK has been sending out its intention of its readiness to do Reiki Seva. And the Universe has at last complied!

Please read what they have to say ….. and watch the pictures taken over 3 seva mondays ……

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


On Monday 12 February 2018 we had our very first sewa in a long time at the Jalaram Temple Greenford. There were 4 of us: Savita Karekar, Anita Raj, Lekha Quliter and I, Bena Shah. We gave healing between 1 pm to 2.30 pm. Altogether we healed 18 people between us. It was very rewarding to see the people feeling the difference right away. 

We are very grateful to Savita’s husband Raj for arranging this sewa for us. Raj was very happy with the way everything went & with the positive feedback from the people who had healing.

We will be doing this sewa at the Temple on Mondays every week.

Love and Light!

Bena Shah



The devotees in the mandir were very happy to have the healing. The feed back was very good. They are looking forward to the next healing session. Everyone said they felt different …. In other words, better.

We are looking forward to continuing with this sewa next week too but will be starting early so we have more time to accommodate more people.

Savita Karekar

LHSG UK Member


It was an honour to have been able to do sewa at the Jalaram Mandir. We gave healing to some elderly people who had many ailments.

The feedback from the healees was that they all felt the benefit of the healing. They all said that they can’t wait for the next session.

Lekha Quilter

LHSG UK Member

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  1. The over arching umbrella of LHSG is spectacular. From the depth of the slums of Korogocho and Deep Sea of Kenya,to the sophisticated venue of the Jalarama Temple in the UK, in the same week.
    The comments of the Reiki recipient says it all.
    Bravo LGSG and the leadership.

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