LHSG Kenya Continues Empowering Girls

Every year The Hawkers Market Girls Centre recives 15 – 20 new girls from the slums of Nairobi for training and polishing skills. LHSG Kenya has been involved with HMGC in offering free Reiki trainings to these girls coming from disadvantaged backgrounds every year for the past eight years.

The 2018 intake was introduced to the world of Reiki on 1st March 2018 by Mamta Advani, assisted by Priya Chaudhry. And the world was enriched with 13 new healers that day!

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Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


We had 16 girls from HMGC today for the Reiki 1 camp. Thirteen were new girls and one came for a refresher while Beatrice and Isabella were there to help us.

The girls were very keen learners and excellent healers. They knew exactly when it was time to move on to the next position. They were excited to learn Reiki level 2 soon. They promised to practice Reiki on themselves and others. It was a very gratifying day and I am very thankful to Kamalji and Shariffa ji for this Sewa. Thanks Priya for taking care of everything and making the camp a success.

Mamta Advani

LHSG Kenya Member


Gratitude for the wonderful camp today with the HMGC girls. They were very sincere and it is always a pleasure watching them realize the value of Reiki. Thank you Kamalji and Shariffaji for the opportunity to do this lovely Seva and to Mamta for conducting the camp so well.

Priya Chaudhry

LHSG Kenya Member


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5 Responses to LHSG Kenya Continues Empowering Girls

  1. The underpinning of compassionate understanding, humility and voluntary giving is the meaning of SEVA.
    At the Hawkers Market Girls Centre, the Reiki camp exemplified the the true nature of this Seva. Opening up a world that exists with each one of us. These women had never explored this before. This change comes from inside. From first hand experience of an inner change that is permanent and can be shared.
    What better gift to the centre, to the women and to the areas from which these women come.
    Indeed they look forward to meeting Kamalji whom they have not met yet.

  2. Catherine one of the recipients from HMGC has this to say:-
    ‘Cate said that it was very amazing since she didn’t know that she had the ability to heal with her hands.’
    Discovering what was latent within.

  3. Comment from Beatrice Nyambura
    ‘Everytime we have Reiki it reminds me to give back, since we are given universal energy for free.Therefore it’s my obligation to make sure I help other people.Therefore on Wednesdays we go to faraja and give Reiki to the cancer patients who after receiving Reiki bless us so much since it helps reduce the effects of chemotherapy.

  4. Here is an experience from HMGC group:-
    ‘Reiki feedback most of the girls find Reiki amazing since they didn’t know they had the power to heal in their hands.
    Juliet had stomach ache n did Reiki n after some time she was well’

  5. Nicole says:

    Thank you for empowering these young women, and for your care and support for their welfare. I am sure they appreciated your time and attention, as well as the reiki training.

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