LHSG Kenya’s Reiki Sevas in April 2018 ….. No. 1

The LHSG Kenya group carried out a Reiki Level 1 Camp at Sathya Sai School in Uthiru, Nairobi on Apil 4th 2018. It was conducted by Mamta Advani, assisted by Neena Gupta.

Mamta was asked by the School Headmaster Brother Sam to write a little bit about the work LHSG has been doing in the School for the parents.

Please read what she and Neena have written and do watch the slide show.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Reiki 1 camp on 4th of April at Satya Sai School went very well. We had 25 students and 2 teachers. All of them were ready and waiting for us as we arrived. In the beginning they were a bit shy but soon became interactive. It was humbling to see their sincerity. They did well in the self-healing and partner healing.

They enjoyed the snacks and lunch sponsored by Lotus Healing Seva group.

Neena was very efficient and helpful throughout the camp and we had a very gratifying day!

Mamta Advani

LHSG Kenya Member


Mamta was a super teacher, she included little breathing exercises warm up session after the break, as it was extremely cold out there and also while explaining the five principles she gave them very important life lessons. Overall a very gratifying and learning experience!

Neena Gupta

LHSG Kenya Member



Slide Show

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2 Responses to LHSG Kenya’s Reiki Sevas in April 2018 ….. No. 1

  1. Nicole says:

    These are wonderful photos. I love the stories about connecting with the students’ compassionate natures, and how much fun everyone seemed to have at the training. Thank you, LHSG for visiting Sathya Sai School in Uthiru.

  2. Touching young lives
    with their healing hands
    LHSG releases energy bands

    takes it further by a step
    and offers a training help

    By teaching the art of healing
    enriching their years of schooling

    For, they shall become the future
    empowered with the Reiki gesture

    Humble minds, simple traits
    Opens for them bigger gates

    Caring for them and imparting knowledge
    LHSG becomes the cherry in their life porridge

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