13th Anniversary Celebrations Event No. 10

The Kobo Trust has been looking after vulnerable children that have been displaced, abused, abandoned and exploited since the last 10 years. Rehabilitation, education, and health care are its primary concerns.

The Director Clara Garcias Castells and the Operations Manager  Wilfred Omondi James of The Kobo Trust approached Lotus Healing Seva Group to train the children in their care in Reiki in the hope that Reiki healing would help the children heal from their past traumas.

Of course LHSG was happy to oblige! So on 29th November 2018, LHSG Sevaks Anuradha Nath, Neena Gupta, Jenna Amersi and I drove to the Kobo Trust Premises in Lavington and imparted the knowledge and practice of Reiki Level 1 to 24 children, young adults and officials of the Kobo Trust and other social workers of children and youth.

It was one of the most tender and heart touching Reiki camp I have conducted. The children were so loving and grateful. They were also a smart, switched on lot, they grasped all that was taught in a trice, and soon became excellent Reiki healers!

At the end, the children gave us beautiful roses as a token of appreciation. I was so touched by this gesture. This is the first time LHSG has been appreciated with flowers! 

The whole event has been captured in pictures and video, which say it much better than I could describe in words. Please do watch them.

Thank you dear subscribers for your support!

Love and Light,

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.


Slide show.

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  1. Nicole says:

    It is amazing to see these photos and videos. I can feel the energy working. Thank you, LHSG for all you do.

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