13th Anniversary Celebrations Event No. 11

I was invited to give a talk on a subject of my choice to the ladies of Fehmina Group. The group has been in existence since the last 40 years in Nairobi. The event happened on 4th December 2018, in the lovely house of Aruna Lakhani. Present were about 15 members and Fehmina’s chairlady Nikunj Kothari and Treasurer Asha Khamar.  

I chose to introduce Reiki and to give Reiki healing to each person at the meeting. As I explained what Reiki was and described its history briefly, LHSG sevaks Monica Gokaldas, Dhwani Haria and Bhavna Baga gave Reiki to the ladies who were in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s! I elaborated on the 5 Reiki principles of being grateful, not getting angry, not worrying, living honestly and showing love and respect. On their request, I further dwelled on teh subject of anger management.  

After the mini Reiki sessions, all of them reported feeling better and relaxed. Their feedback has been recorded by Monica Gokaldas in the video below. Do watch!

After a delicious lunch by the host Aruna Lakhani, she donated 10 boxes of biscuits to be given to the children in the slums that we visit for Reiki training.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member




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  1. Rajinderpal says:

    So wonderful to see the happy faces of the ladies.They really looked forward to learning Reiki.Welldone ladies.Keep up the great work.

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