Reiki Sevas in India …..  Program No. 1 ……  Maitri Ghar, Vrindavan

The seed of doing Reiki healing seva for widows in India was planted in my mind in June last year after I happen to watch a video of Oprah Winfrey visiting the widows in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India. The plight of these widows touched my heart in a very very deep way. With tears in my eyes, I made a silent pledge to myself that I would ease their suffering in whichever way possible.

For those of us who are not knowledgeable about these widows, let me explain a little. In many parts of India, a widow is considered a curse, is mistreated, and sometimes thrown out of the family house. These poor unwanted ladies find their way to Vrindavan, it being their belief and hope that to die in Krishna’s city means going straight to Krishna. (equivvalent to salvation). Here they beg, roaming the streets, singing bhajans (holy songs) to earn a few rupees, sleep outside temples ……. Fortunately, since the last 15 years or so, a few NGOs and private foundations have set up a few Ashrams (Homes) which do take care of some of the widows, but more and more keep coming …

Fast forward to January 2019, and here I was all booked to fly in February to Vrindavan. I had decided to be with these forgotten members of our Indian Soceity. I wanted to celebrate my 70 years of existence on this beautiful planet Earth by sharing my love and light with them, to give them Reiki healing.

Soon I was joined by LHSG members Monica Gokaldas and Anuradha Nath. Now since we were three of us, we decided that instead of giving them Reiki sessions, we would train the widows in Reiki, so they could heal themselves every day.

What followed next was nothing short of magic. Funds started pouring in from our families, friends, neighbours, and other well-wishers, and in no time we had around US 4000 to donate to our causes!

And so it was, that in February 2019, we conducted Reiki training camps for widows in 2 Ashrams (Homes), healing Cows in a Gaushala (Cow Shelter), a Reiki healing day and training in a third Ashram all these in Uttar Pradesh, training for widows and Street boys in Mumbai, and a Reiki Healing Day for the elderly in Mumbai

These programs simply unfolded one by one, testimony to the power of creating unselfishly ……

So here then is our first Reiki Seva in Maitri Ghar, Vrindavan on 15th February 2019. 69 widows aged between 53 and 95 years were initiated into Reiki Level 1. Most of them were of Bengali origin, but that was no problem. Our dear Anuradha being Bengali herself, conducted the camp effortlessly!

The widows were happy to learn. Healing self was done well, but partner healing did not go well, as they were tired. So we learned that we could only have their attention for a maximum of 2 – 3 hours.

My gratitude to Maitri Ghar’s Founders General Bhupendra Singh and Winnie Singh who welcomed us and our healing program. Thanks also go to Manisha Dalabehera through whom we did the planning from beginning to end and who helped us throughout the time we were in Vrindavan. Many thanks too, to the staff of the Ashram for making us welcome and helping us in the delivery of the program.

Since the water in Vrindavan is unfit for human consumption, we paid for a water treatment plant for this ashram, the inauguration of which was done by us.

Please do watch the slide shows and videos below, which describe everything in pictures much better than I can do in words.

Thank you!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.

Vrindavan Maitri Ghar Slide show

Vrindavan Maitri Ghar Video


Video Water Treatment Plant Inaugaration

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