Reiki Sevas in India …..  Program No. 2 ……  Maitri Ghar, Radhakund

Our Second Reiki Training Seva Camp was held on 16th February 2019 for 53 widows aged 52 – 102 years and 15 staff of Maitri Ghar Radhakund. 

Once again, all went well, with Anuradha Nath taking the stage, imparting the knowledge in Bengali since the majority of widows were once again Bengali. She was assisted by Monica Gokladas and myself. 

The ladies learned well, and soon became good healers!

We finished by 2 pm. We then got ready for our next Reiki Seva: A visit to a Gaushala (Cow Shelter) and healing the cows there ….. 

My gratitude to Maitri Ghar’s Founders General Bhupendra Singh and Winnie Singh who welcomed us and our healing program. Thanks also go to Manisha Dalabehera through whom we did the planning from beginning to end and who helped us throughout the time we were in Vrindavan and Radhakund. Many thanks too, to the staff of the Ashrams for making us welcome and helping us in the delivery of the program.

We made a donation of sarees, blouses and petticoats to some of the members of this ashram and for 50 widows for another ashram that was in the process of completion nearby.

Please do watch videos below which says it all so effectively. 

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.


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