Reiki Sevas in India …..  Program No. 4 ……  Ma Dham, Vrindavan

After the Reiki camp for the widows in Radha Kund, an unplanned Seva opportunity presented itself for another set of widows in a Home called Ma Dham, run by the Guild for Service.

Here we decide to give Reiki healing to the widows. But the staff of the home requested to be taught Reiki, so we split ourselves. I took the five staff members for training, while Monica Gokaldas and Anuradha Nath gave individual healing to each widow, one by one.

The enthusiasm of the learners was a joy to see! They grasped the concepts easily and soon became proficient healers. After we finished our training at 3 pm, we joined the others in healing the residents.

The newly trained staff promised to give Reiki to the widows every day!

We were explained by the manager Saritha A R that in the coming summer months, electricity is often a problem. Often, they have to go without it. They were looking for funds to buy an inverter, so they could have non-stop electricity. We therefore donated the funds for an inverter.

Our Gratitude to the Universe for giving us yet another opportunity to spread Reiki and make a difference in the lives of so many people!

Thank you to Dr. V Mohini Giri, the founder and Managing Trustee of Ma Dham, who so willingly allowed us to carry out our Reiki program at the Ashram at such short notice! Thank you to the Manager Saritha A R, and to Manjit Singh who facilitated the Reiki program at such short notice too!

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