Reiki Seva in India …. Program No. 5 …. Mulund, Mumbai.

Our next Reiki Seva was a Reiki training camp for Sindhi Mothers in Mumbai, on 23rd February 2019.

Please read on for Monica Gokaldas’ account of this seva.

Love and Light,

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


This seva came about due to a request from Gul Hinduja of the Indusind Foundation to help Sindhi widows in Mumbai.

On 22nd Feb Kamal and I were escorted to several houses of the Sindhi Widows in Thane by Gul Hinduja and some officials of Mahadev Mandir Trust.  These visits were eye openers as we saw the bare minimum dwellings of some of them who had meagre or no source of income. There were some houses where the house was barely one room that had a bed, kitchen, bathing area within the room. They narrated their stories to us which moved our hearts.

On 23rd Feb Kamal and I taught Reiki to 58 people at the Sahiti Bradari Hall which was organized by the Sindhi Council of India together with Indusind Foundation. Amongst the Reiki learners were about 30 widows from Thane and Mulund, the officials of the above mentioned organizations and a few other well-wishers that support these organizations with their charitable projects. The camp was partially conducted in Hindi and partially in Sindhi.

It was a pleasure to see the seriousness at learning and practicing of reiki on themselves and each other by these members of Sindhi Community. Some of them were enthusiastic to share their instant relief in aches and pains and the highlight for me was when one young gentleman who had spoken of suicidal tendencies earlier in the morning, promised to remain positive by practicing Reiki as he had felt an instant change in energies.

Towards the end Kamal and I handed out envelopes of INR 1500/- and 5kg bags of wheat flour to each widow and the remaining 20 widows were given the same later. Since we still had funds remaining from the amounts donated by well-wishers, packets of sugar and tea leaves were distributed to the 50 widows on the program at a later date on our behalf.

Our thanks go to Gul Hinduja of Indusind Foundation, without whom this seva would not have been possible. We also give our thanks to officials of Sindhi Council of India, the Mahadev Mandir Trust and The Sahiti Bradari for their warm welcome and support throughout the Reiki training camp.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member

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