Reiki Sevas in India …. Program No. 6 ……Vatsalya Reiki Camps

We come now to our 6th Reiki program on 24th February 2019, that had been planned well before we left Kenya for India, at the Vatsalya Foundation, a home for Street Boys in Mumbai.

A year ago, we had taught Reiki Level 1 to about 43 boys. Out of them 24 were still in the Home, while 12 new boys aged 6 – 9 had joined.

At this stage, the sevaks were Monica Gokaldas and myself, Kamal Tolia. We were joined by Anju Kapani of LHSG Mumbai. Anju and I taught the senior boys Reiki level 2, while Monica took the littler ones to teach them Reiki Level 1.

Although the boys were in a hurry to finish the sessions, it being a Sunday and all …. We managed to impart the basics of Reiki 1 to the younger group and the deeper aspects of distant healing to the larger group. Suffice it to say, that we created more Reiki level 1 healers and more empowered Reiki level 2 healers in the world that day.

We then sat down to lunch with all the boys, which had been sponsored jointly by Anju Kapani and LHSG Kenya.

Thank you to the Managing Trustee of Vatsalya Foundation, Ms Swati Mukerjee for allowing us to teach Reiki at the Home. We look forward to more interaction in the future.

Reiki Level 1 Slide Show


Reiki Level 2 Slide show

Reiki Level 1 and 2 Video


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