Reiki Trauma Healing for victims of a terrorist attack

The ugly face of terrorism showed itself on 15th January 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Dusit Hotel Complex on 14, Riverside Drive was the scene of a terror attack from a Somali Terror group.

Sadly, 21 people died, and many sustained injuries, minor and major. Then there were those who had no visible injuries to show, but who had plenty of them inside. They carried these internal hurts and pains as they went about their daily life. Although they reported to work as normal, and went home to their families as normal, there was nothing ‘normal’ inside them. They had been traumatised. And after a few weeks, this traumatization began to show up as health and emotional problems.

It is this group of people that LHSG reached out to. With the kind help of Anupa Sangrajka, a director of The Dusit Hotel, we were given a cosy little room to give Reiki Trauma healing sessions to those affected.

We carried out this Seva for the month of February. We treated a total of 39 people. Some of them came for only one session while others came for more, even up to 8 and 9 sessions. But Reiki helped each and every one of them ….. from feeling relaxed and calm, to sleeping well, to complete freedom from their fear related to the incident.

Here below, then, is a summary of our seva at the Dusit hotel. We are grateful to the Universe / God for giving us this special opportunity to share our love and light with these special people. A special thanks to Anupa Sangrajka for her support and for making this seva possible. We are confident that Reiki will have helped all who were directly or indirectly affected by this senseless act of terror and violence.

Please read on ….

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

What the people went through on the day, what they told us:

  • I heard the blasts, ran out, the firing was going on behind me, I ran and ran. . I had an asthma attack and I bled severely. . . I witnessed a friend being shot, and 4 colleagues died. I ran.
  • My wife works at Dusit. I managed to evacuate her safely but was affected by the aftermath of the incident. More so as my sister was in the Westgate Mall during the terror attack that happened at the Mall two years ago,
  • I tried to escape, but coudn’t. . .
  • I heard the explosion . . didn’t want to be buried in rubble. . . I ran and ran. . . wherever I turned, the terrorists were there. I had to climb a very high wall (another person had tried to climb, fell, broke her leg). . I finally managed to get over. . The day when the incident happened, the suicide bomber was outside my window.
  • I was stuck for 2 hrs. . . at the back of my office with other staff for 2 hours before being rescued ….
  • I was held up in the safe room for about 2 hours before getting rescued.
  • I was walking towards the Secret Garden restaurant when the bomb went off. I couldn’t find a secure place for a long time to hide I took cover at the nearest building and was rescued 2 hours later.
  • I was held up in the strong room before getting rescued 2 hours later.
  • I ran out of the building to safety when the incident happened.
  • I remained inside. Could not see. Kept hearing shots …… started to panic, was very afraid … I was Squeezed in one room with others ….
  • I hid on one of the top floors till I was rescued.
  • I was in one of the hotel rooms cleaning when I heard the explosion. Checking from the window, I saw smoke and people getting shot. I remained hiding in the room until I was rescued at around 7pm, 6 hours after the blast …
  • I hid in the bathroom when we heard an explosion. I was trapped for hours till I was rescued. I cried, prayed and said her goodbyes. ….
  • I work in the office and I witnessed the whole scene from the window…..
  • I saw one of the terrorist close by . ……. A fear grips me when I think of that ……

and what they suffered as a result:

  • I have had neck and shoulder pain since the incident taking pain killers at night. I have crying spells and then I throw up. Loud noises scare me.
  • I get emotional, feel fear, feel restless and uneasy when alone, better with colleagues
  • I can’t sleep at night …. I am so scared of what I saw ….
  • I am fretful, cannot sleep alone at night, have nightmares ….
  • I am very restless, unhappy, anxious, unable to sleep well. . . . I am having stomach problems, very bad anxiety and not sleeping well. I have become paranoid about sounds, and since I can’t sleep properly I have to leave the lights on every night ….. I can’t even eat properly, …. I am not able to express what I feel …. I feel weighted down. Am bit flustered most of the time …
  • I am very anxious all the time …. .
  • A lot of fear overwhelms me all of a sudden . . . unable to sleep well. .
  • I am very fearful …. I just passed the terrorist and then the guy blew himself up …..
  • This attack revived memories of pain and fear of last year when I lost my son
  • I have fear, anger, and can’t sleep, I am anxious at any small noise and I tremble with fear . .
  • I have been having disturbed sleep and a lot of fear since the incident.
  • I was feeling fearful and anxious all the time and very scared.
  • Fortunately I was not in the Dusit premises when the attack happened. But I still feel very vulnerable and sad.
  • Initially I felt ok and not too disturbed but last week a family member had a stroke, and I felt overwhelmed with grief and very tired all the time. …. I feel very low and uncomfortable
  • Since then I have been full of anxiety, my stomach not well, I can’t sleep or eat properly and am not working as well as I used to.
  • I have been then avoiding speaking about the incident, looking at any pictures or the news of the incident. I just want to move on. At work, I am very ok to come back.
  • I was okay that day, but I got more emotionally affected when I came back a couple of days later to collect my car and since then I have not been to sleep well at night.
  • Initially I felt strong but quickly realized that I could not sleep. I keep seeing all the troubling sights whenever I close my eyes.
  • I have trouble sleeping and have lingering anxiety.
  • I have not been sleeping for some nights and have not been meeting people since then. …
  • I have fear all the time, can’t sleep well, can’t go out at night, and can’t work alone in the office ….
  • Its the aftermath of the whole incident I am finding hard to deal with.
  • I feel heavy in the heart. I wasn’t there at the time. I am now grateful that I was not part of the whole incident as I was on my way to Dusit. I feel heavy in the heart and angry.
  • I am very tired, have no energy.
  • I am in in fear and anxious all the time. I started drinking alcohol to forget the incident. But now realized that it won’t help me. So I came for the healing.
  • I was not on the premises when this happened but I keep thinking that if I would have been there and something happened, who would take care of my family? So I have fear and anxiety.
  • I escaped in good time on the day but am still affected by loud noises/ sounds. I thought till now that I was strong, but I realize that I need extra help.
  • I escaped but am still fearful, while walking, I feel someone is waiting round the corner for me. Loud noise also affects me.
  • I had left the premises just 2 mins before the attack happened, I feel very lucky ….

And finally what they felt during and after the Reiki Sessions.

Many of them were trembling and crying as they were receiving Reiki

and many of them dozed off during the Reiki sessions:

Those who came for 4 – 9 sessions:

  • I am sleeping much better, no nightmares, more relaxed, less fearful. .  Reiki has helped me a lot, I am able to sleep better and can sleep alone without fear, the stiffness from my neck and shoulders is gone. I am not so disturbed by the incident scene going on in front of my eyes. my bleeding has stopped, and am feeling much better. I am able to sleep alone …. sleeping well and not anxious anymore. Reiki helped the nightmares to go away. Relaxed. Better. Way way better. I am very grateful for the Reiki  I feel so much better now.
  • The first healing left me feeling very light and I ate and slept well that day. I feel Reiki is helping me to be strong. .. I feel much better after Reiki sessions .. I am very calm and relaxed now … I feel light. My sleep is better,  much better. Emotions like anger come up, like anger and tears just flow  and I feel I am releasing these emotions which are now surfacing.
  • Reiki has helped a lot in my general wellbeing. I sleep so much better and I am also able to express my feelings. I am getting better, and I am sleeping better.
  • I felt the warmth of your hands very comforting and loving. At the end I felt much lighter and good… I felt very good and relaxed after Reiki session was over. … I feel very energetic now, able to sleep better. …. Feeling relaxed and better than before…. I find Reiki makes me feel good and light. I am also sleeping much better. … I feel good after every Reiki session….. I am more relaxed and peaceful … overall I feel better and positive. … My sleep is better …. Am less anxious …. I do have some reaction to the place itself ……. My right shoulder is much better
  • I can now, after so many sessions of Reiki, concentrate better at work. I am sleeping better now and when I get up, I feel rested unlike before. After Reiki healing the pain in my right shoulder is almost gone.
  • I am doing much better. Physically and emotionally. My sleep is better. I am very grateful to the Lotus Healing Seva Group for their Reiki services to deal with the trauma of the incident at Dusit and I bless you all. I will continue to spread my love to all around me.
  • I felt so much better afterwards. I felt very relaxedand calm after receiving Reiki
  • I felt very light headed and relaxed after the Reiki healing. I feel ok overall. I am feeling much better now… I feel better after every Reiki session. I am now less affected by loud noises …. Neck pain has surfaced … I need to release it … I am now comfortable with the work place …. Reiki made me feel relaxed every time. ….
  • After the first Reiki session I was feeling better, ….After each session session I am relaxed … I am sleeping better and with Reiki healing, I am getting the emotional strength to deal with the trauma.
  • I felt very light afterward the Reiki session … I feel light and happy. Yesterday i slept after many days and am very grateful for the help you are offering him. … I sleep better and with the Reiki healing, I am getting the emotional strength to deal with the trauma.
  • I slept well at night. I am feeling better ….
  • I felt very relaxed after the Reiki session and dozed off after the healing. … I am quite calm and feeling good.
  • I am sleeping better and with Reiki healing, I am getting the emotional strength to deal with the trauma….. Overall, I am feeling better, and on most days I sleep well.
  • I am still very emotionall. But feel very relaxed n sleepy after the Reiki healing.

Those who came for 1 – 3 sessions:

  • I feel very calm and in acceptance.
  • I feel quite relieved after the session and happy.
  • I feel much calmer and relaxed.
  • After the session I felt positive energy going through her body. I felt light, relaxed.
  • I was feeling heavy on my head, after the Reiki session I felt relieved …. It was relaxing.
  • I felt very relaxed after the Reiki session
  • I felt relaxed and almost feel asleep.
  • I feel relieved that i came and am very thankful.
  • I felt better, the neck pain is much better and I can sleep sometimes.
  • I feel very relaxed and comfortable after the Reiki session
  • I feel very calm and less sad after the Reiki sessions
  • After my first healing session I slept well after a long time though I am still fearful.
  • I feel very much composed.
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