LHSG Increases Awareness of Reiki …. Part 1

This is the first part of LHSG’s program for increasing awareness of Reiki, carried out by LHSG Founder Member Monica Gokaldas.

Please read on for her account.

Thank you

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Reiki Introduction for Ladies Domestic Club

On Friday 8th February we as LHSG were invited to the Ladies Domestic Club meeting at the residence of one of the members to introduce them to Reiki. Three of us Neena Sehgal, Pratima Dutt and myself Monica went there on behalf of LHSG where I gave a brief talk on Reiki Energy, it’s history and effects. Meanwhile my dear friends Neena and Pratima started off giving Reiki samplers to the ladies one by one.

It was a group of 17 ladies of which only 3 knew about Reiki hence it was interesting to see their reactions upon hearing various aspects of Reiki and they were filled with joy to receive the hands on healing hands. One of the ladies was aware that her son had been receiving Reiki sessions from our team members at Dusit D2 hotel premises following the terror attack, hence she was very grateful.

Love and Light

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member



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