Faraja Cancer Support Trust Reiki Level 1 Training

For the 4 th year running, Lotus Healing Seva Group held a Reiki level 1 Training camp for Cancer Patients, their Care givers and volunteers of Faraja Cancer Support Trust.

It was conducted on 18th April 2019 by Sheela Shah assisted by Laveena Keswani, both of them LHSG Kenya Members.

We feel privileged to touch the lives of these special people and give our gratitude to the management of Faraja Cancer support Trust in Nairobi for their support in our work.

Please read on and watch the slide show.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Today, the Faraja Reiki l camp was attended by 15 individuals. They were a mixture of Faraja volunteers, cancer patients and care giverss. After giving some time for at least 10 registered individuals to arrive, we finally started at 9.30am. The introduction to Reiki followed by the functions of the chakras went smoothly with a few questions being asked and answered accordingly. Then attunement was done and just as I was about to wake everyone up, 3 more individuals arrived. They had been delayed by traffic and were very hopeful to join the rest of the group. I quickly made the decision to attune them and after another 10 minutes I woke everyone up. Laveena, who was assisting me today, did a splendid job in quickly summarising the lesson to the late comers that they had missed so they could join the rest of the group in the self-healing exercise. Once the self-healing exercise was done, we broke off for a 15 minutes break. Following break, we did partner healing which went without any hitch. Everyone superbly gave healing to their partners. By 12.50, I was able to go through the 5 Reiki principles and the benefits of Reiki. After answering a few more questions, then group photograph, I was able to wrap up the course by 1.20. All in all everything worked out very well. The participants were happy with their new found skill and looked forward to learn Reiki ll.

I give my humble gratitude for another successful Faraja camp. Last but not least, thank you Laveena for your valuable assistance, making my task that much more easy.

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


Slide Show

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1 Response to Faraja Cancer Support Trust Reiki Level 1 Training

  1. Healing is their precious gift
    to nourish the soul for an uplift

    The patients and their care givers
    took Reiki as their life savers

    LHSG has done it yet again
    training them to heal once again

    At Faraja this camp an annual affair
    for Cancer affected mustn’t despair

    The energy positive brought to them
    by Sheela and Laveena without a whim

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