Reiki Level 1 Training at TAGS

For the past 7 years, Lotus Healing Seva Group Kenya, has been associated with Talia Agler Girls Shelter (TAGS) in Nairobi. We have been training the girls of this shelter in Reiki as well as sponsoring some of them for their education.

TAGS is a shelter for girls and women that have been trafficked, abused, abandoned and exploited, not only in Kenya but from the neighbouring countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Ethioia and Burundi, to name a few.

On 24th April, our LHSG Kenya member Sheela Shah did the training of 48 girls / women at the shelter. We are so grateful to the Founder and proprietor of TAGS Edith Morogo, for her kind permission and support for this training camp. And as always we give our gratitude to the Universe for making us the instrument to touch the lives of these girls and women with our love and light.

Thank you too, dear subscribers, for your support.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.


The TAGS Reiki l camp was conducted on 24/4/19, with Punita Acharya, Anuradha Nath, Bhavna Baga, Sonal Patel and I in attendance. There were 48 girls registered and about 10 old girls sat in for a refresher.

There was a bit of a challenge with this group this time as there were about 25 girls/ladies from Burundi with very little understanding of English and Kiswahili. Fortunately one of the older girls, Quinta, graciously agreed to be my interpreter as and when the need arose. The girls grasped the origin of Reiki and the meaning of chakras quite quickly. After attunement was done we moved along to self-healing. It didn’t take long before some of the girls began to get tired and became reluctant to carry on. With gentle persuasion and encouragement, they persevered and completed the exercise. It was wonderful to feel their warm Reiki hands. As the lunch was a bit delayed, I made use of the time to go through the 5 principles of Reiki and also get some feedback of how they felt after the self- healing. A few girls said some aches and pains that they had, had disappeared after the healing. We then took the group pictures after which I let them off for lunch.

Lunch was finally done by 2.00pm and we were able to start our partner healing session. This whole exercise went really well as the girls took their time patiently giving Reiki to their partners. Quite a number of them dozed off as they received the healing. Watching the girls in action was evident that they had understood the chakra positions and also how to place their hands correctly.

Once this partner healing session was done, I congratulated them on how well they had performed. The girls expressed how happy they felt to be able to give healing to another, as this skill made them feel good. Yes, definitely their way of expressing how empowered they felt.

I concluded by touching a little on Reiki ll but emphasised the importance of healing themselves first every day for the next 3 weeks. With assurances that they’ll do so, the girls thanked us and hoped to see us soon.

At this juncture, I give my immense gratitude to Punita, Anuradha, Bhavna and Sonal for their expert assistance that made this camp an enjoyable and rewarding one. Gratitude also as always to Reiki and our Lotus family for all the support and healing that assured another successful camp.

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member



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  1. Their eyes expectant
    Their ears awaiting
    They received the gift
    That LHSG had brought
    Learning to heal their aches and pains
    They might as well heal their hurting soul
    In the girls’ shelter of Talia Agler
    Dozens of young ladies became stronger
    They now have the self empowering art
    Reiki shall improve their life chart.

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