Our Australia LHSG Seva!

Our Seva members in Perth Australia extended their love and light to mothers as they celebrated Mothers Day on 5th May 2019. Please read on for our Australia in charge Rajinderpal Walia’s account.

Love and Light to all!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Our first Lotus Healing Seva Group Perth Seva.

On the 5th May 2019, CINI (Child In Need Institute) had their annual Mothers day high tea.

Our Lotus Healing Seva Group, as in previous years had decided to make and pack the give-away sweet. On 4th morning 5 of us, Dr. Jennie Connaughton, Rima,Leigh, Dorothia and Naz and I Rajunderpal went to the location and packed 250 give-away favours.

We, The Lotus Healing Seva Group Perth members started by giving Reiki to the whole hall, followed by Reiki to the sweets which were bought by LHSG for $325. For the silent action, we gave 2 free sessions of Reiki @ Australian $ 50 each and we donated a painting as well worth $100.  We also paid for the sweets

This year we have managed to sell 43 tickets @$50 each.

We do this every year. The proceeds of the High Tea go to the projects of a Child in Need Institute in Kolkatta, India. In the pictures we have the Indian mothers that enjoyed the tea.

Our efforts were appreciated, as shown in the last picture.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Rajinderpal Walia

In Charge,

LHSG Perth Australia

Slide show


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  1. Once a sevak, always a sevak. Kudos to Raj who has kept up with her seva bhav and extended the sevas in Australia, inspiring others to join her as well. Superb seva for Children In Need.

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