Sixty Nine New Little Reiki Healers In The World!

Dada’s Orphanage and Education Centre in Dagoretti, Nairobi is the brain child of Nitin Shah, a solo philanthropist. With the help of Jennifer, who manages this and other projects of Nitin, this centre houses orphans and educates them as well as children from the poor Dagoretti neighbourhood.

We had taught the children Reiki level 1 last year. But they had new children that needed to be trained, so on 16th May 2019, LHSG’s Sheela Shah and Punita Acharya did the training at the school. They were assisted by LHSG members Shalini srivastava, Bubbles Dhadialla, Sonal Patel and Shariffa Keshavjee.

Each Reiki training camp leaves us ever more grateful to the Universe for being the instrument of change in the young.

Please read on for Sheela’s and Punita’s accounts …

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


There are no words to describe a Reiki camp at Dada’s Primary School in Dagoretti, except “Fantastic”. I had 35 children with Shalini and Sonal assisting me. We arrived there on time and the children were ready for us. They were all so disciplined with pin drop silence. I briefed them with the history of Reiki first, then they were taught the names & position of the chakras. Within minutes they had learnt the names of the chakras. Then the attunement followed. Once that was done they did Reiki on themselves with their super-hot hands with Reiki flowing from them. Once that was done, we went on to the 5 Reiki Principals which Shalini conducted extremely well.

We then had a lunch break followed by the afternoon session of partner healing. They couldn’t believe that they could heal with their hands with this powerful tool of Reiki. One child commented “now we will be healing ourselves & family members with Reiki and not running to the doctor”. This was music to the ears and my heart filled with joy listening to these last words!

Certificates were given out with a small gift from LHSG – milk and bananas, which were very much appreciated.

The children promised to practice every day and said they couldn’t wait to learn level 2.

My gratitude to Sheela, Shariffa, Bubbles Sonal and Shalini for their excellent support and teamwork which made this camp a successful one!

Punita Acharya

LHSG Founder Member


The Reiki l camp at Dada school, Dargoretti today was another successful camp. Our team consisting of Punita, Sharifaji, Shalini, Bubbles, Sonal and I had 70 plus students. Sharifaji, Bubbles and I were in one class with 40 students. All the students were smart and well behaved throughout the session. They listened to the origin of Reiki and the science of chakras attentively. Once attunement was done, the self-healing exercise kicked off. It didn’t take long for Reiki to flow in the hands of the children. As we progressed from one chakra to another, the children were able to experience the healing taking place. At the end of the session, they expressed how good, strong and energised they felt. We broke off for lunch at 12.30. After the scrumptious potluck lunch, we resumed the second session at 1pm. After pairing up the children, partner healing started. The children were thrilled to be able to receive healing from their friends and quite chafed that they could heal others. I highlighted the fact the powerful gift they have in their hands now. Once the principles and benefits of Reiki were explained and clarified, the group photos were taken and certificates were given out. The children promised to practice Reiki every day and looked forward to Reiki ll.

My gratitude to the whole team for a fantastic team work and for this rewarding experience

Sheela Shah

LHSG Member



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