Reiki Training For Parents in Thika

A perfect example of how good spreads!

On January 2019, Lotus Healing Seva Group, Kenya, held its first Reiki training camp in Dada’s Primary School in Thika, Kenya, in which we trained 190 children to Reiki Level 1. These children healers have been giving Reiki to their parents who, much to their joy, have experienced relief from their aches and pains. The parents therefore, wanted to receive training in Reiki too!

So, with the kind help of the Director of the school Geneveva Shichehi Shivalu., and the Head teacher Christine Njoroge, a Reiki training session was arranged for them at the school on Saturday, 25th May 2019. LHSG Kenya Members Mamta Advani, Anuradha Nath and I, Kamal Tolia reached the school where 112 parents (including babies) were waiting patiently to be given the gift of Reiki! They had walked for many miles (some more than 30 miles) from the neighbourhood to be here! And one lovely lady was actually totally visually impaired.

What can I say next? The whole training went super well, from the introduction, to the attunement, to self-healing and partner healing! The energy in their hands was very intense, the proof of it being the disappearance of their pains and colds by the end of the day. These lovely people that came from disadvantaged backgrounds went through the paces of the training so diligently, absorbing all that I said and which was translated by teachers Susan Mwangi and Blessing Adhiambo.

The visual impairment for the lady did not in any way deter her from receiving the training. And what was so touching was to see the others guide her hands to the right places and chakras on her and her partners body! So she too emerged an empowered healer, just like everybody else!

At the end, each paricipant walked away with a certificate and a bag of maizemeal flour donated by LHSG members and friends of LHSG.

Our gratitude to Mr Nitin Shah, philanthropist and owner of the school, who gave us his permission to hold the workshop and for sponsoring the lunch for the parents. Gratitude also to Geneveva for all her help in planning, Christine for facilitating the whole program and to Susan and Blessing for their perfect translation.

We look forward to returning to teach them the second level.

Please watch the slide show and video below.


Slide show

Video: In English and Kiswahili


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2 Responses to Reiki Training For Parents in Thika

  1. Blessed are the children who attracted and inspired their parents/grandparents to learn the art of Reiki. Thanks to LHSG – Thika town now has the gift of Reiki art within the families that can help them heal themselves and those around them. Blessed are the teachers Kamal, Mamta and Anuradha who never fail to inspire others to such selfless deeds.

  2. Nicole says:

    It is so wonderful that the children helped bring all of this about. Thank you for sharing the testimonials and the happiness of all of the adults who participated in the training. I am so happy for everyone.

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