LHSG 14th Anniversary Celebrations Seva No. 2

Tree Planting in Sigiria Forest, Nairobi.

What we give to The Earth, The Earth gives back to us. This is THE LAW!

In an effort to increase the ‘lungs’ of Nairobi and Kenya and cleanse them, LHSG Kenya Group planted 85 trees in the Sigiria Forest in Nairobi on 14th November. This constituted our 2nd anniversary seva event.

The 20 sevaks of LHSG joined by 9 girls from Hawkers Market Girls Centre and its manager Isabella gathered at the plot of land cleared in the Sigiria Forest for this purpose. After being divided into 7 groups of 4 each, we proceeded to plant the trees the Vedic way, by chanting the mantra Vruksha Rakshati Rakshitaha (You look after / protect the trees, the trees will look after / protect you) and the peace mantra Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti. And of course we did Ho’oponopono forgiveness to Mother Earth, gave her Reiki and blessed the tree with Reiki and special blessings of ‘you will achieve your soul purpose and your life purpose’, and other blessings. Throughout the planting, we used our bare hands and Reiki energised water.

This Vedic method of planting a tree ensures more than 90% survival rate, which is much higher than the approx. 60% survival rate when planted the non-Vedic way.  

After the planting, we did a very uplifting Nature meditation on the five great elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.  We ended this spiritually enriching seva with a lunch in the River Café in the Karura Forest.

Our gratitude to Lucy Njoka, Events and Education Co-ordinator through whom we received permission to plant the trees and to Ely Kogei, Restoration Officer, who facilitated the tree planting.

Please read on for our members experiences and do watch the video to see how it was all done!

Thank you for your support.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Thursday LHSG November 2019 was a very special seva for gifting money to Earth,  with trees, seeking permission, being granted the opportunity to seed. Our noble wishes engrained and embedded into the very roots. Knowing that each tree will give unto us as we give unto them. The nurture of water as it tricked down our palms to wet the already moist earth. Chanting Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti. From high above and below. The colours of the ochre earth, melding into the Barks we stood beneath. The azure sky, verdant hues and song of birds. Can the earth offer more Turpin and oxygen and nurture? To the dedicated volunteers, the students who had never been blessed by forest so lush. To LHSG for the initiative. To Wangari Mathai for saving this lung of the earth To croton trees, muthaiga, zambarau, sesebania sese, silver oak, prunus and Podo carpus. We give thee thanks for your palette of ever changing colours Thank you

Shariffa Keshavjee

LHSG Kenya Member


The only way I can describe the experience of planting trees with Reiki and Mantras is euphoric. With every planter standing there in solidarity together with one focused activity and the one focused wish encapsulated by all the wishes sent out to the universe, there was an ambiance that felt very sacred. I felt very present the whole time and the vibrations within and around me were heavily charged with love. The nature meditation was the cherry on top of an already beautiful experience. When Kamal aunty, you said ‘imagine you are sitting on the lap of mother earth’, I felt it deeply because that is what it felt like. Being one with the earth and being in complete peace in those moments. I can imagine feeling like a proud mother when I hear of our seedlings thriving in their new home. I feel blessed to be sharing these experiences with this group of such beautiful awakened souls.

Sejal Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


The Tree Planting event was the most unique, peaceful and wonderful experience in the Forest.

The feeling of such Seva to the Mother Earth is definitely magical where humans, insects, birds and everything living is going to benefit from all these trees.

The vibrations were so positive with every team working together on planting each tree at a time.

The meditation and prayers was an extremely blissful time, wish it could last for hours!

Jilna Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


The Tree Planting event became special to me for the following reasons:

# I’ve never been to any community tree plantation activity. I’ve only planted in my garden. I was lucky to have my first opportunity with this wonderful group of healers.

# i learnt the right way of planting trees in which utmost respect is given to mother Earth and these creatures (the trees) who give so much in return to mother Earth and human beings.

# we never used our feet in the activity of planting trees which may be normal with any other group doing planting activity to finish the work faster.

# our work was made easier by forest conservation team. They had made job so easy so we could focus on our Reiki method of planting trees.

# I am thankful for getting an opportunity to return something to mother Earth although so little in front of her favours to us.

Garima Aggarwal

LHSG Kenya Member


Bless, bless , bless, had such a lovely day with beautiful trees, lovely people, amazing energies being in the forest to plant and then meditate and on top of it the lovely lunch and conversation.

Thank you all

Bindi Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


What a beautiful day of Sewa, Meditation, connecting with Nature, the Bhutas, togetherness, relaxation, laughter and yummy lunch!

Mamta Advani

LHSG Kenya Member


And to add…

During the meditation I felt I was wrapping my limbs around one of our arboreal friends and felt one with nature and the world.

Baiju Vora

LHSG Kenya Member


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