LHSG 14th Anniversary Celebrations Seva No. 3

LHSG Kenya Members Tejal Gohil and Vaishali Patel initiated a Crystal Seeding Seva as part of our 14th Anniversary Celebrations in October and November 2019.

They were joined by

LHSG Member Shariffa (Kenya) and her family members and her team of girls from the Hawkers Market Girls Centre,

Kirti Kamdar (UAE), and

Bena and members of LHSG UK.

Below are the details …… and the video.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Tejal Gohil and Vaishali Patel LHSG Kenya

We did Reiki/Intentions and Crystal Seeding in the following places:

29th October 2019 : Karura Forest, River and Cave, Reiki for the Rivers/Lakes and Oceans around the world to keep following and be clean for everyone to use. The crystal to spread its energy and light by enhancing the cleansing process around the world.

Reiki and Healing for the souls that lost their lives during the Mau Maa time, healing for the cave to be preserved, the crystal to spread the energy of love and healing for all that happened there.

Reiki in the forest to preserve the flora and Fauna and to raise the mind consciousness to people to keep it clean and not litter and do graffiti on the trees.

 31st October 2019: Daphne Sheldricks, home for the Elephants, Crystal Seeding and Reiki for the baby elephants that have gone through trauma to recover fully and progress well back into the forest, for the protection of the species and urgent boost in the species to multiply and recover in the loss of their numbers. For the humans to raise their mind consciousness.

Giraffe Manor/Centre, home of the reticulated Giraffes, Again Reiki and Seeding of Crystal for protection, multiplication of the species and raise mind consciousness of the humans.

 1st November 2019: Nairobi National Park: Reiki and Crystal seeding for the flora and fauna of the park, for preservation and multiplication of the plans and animals. To create Love and Peace within the Humans and animal conflict within the park and create harmony amongst all to live in peace and tranquility.

Reiki Energy for all these crystals to connect to the Crystalline Grid of Mother Earth and continuous positive boost of energy to flow around the world and raising the vibrations within all these places. For Love, Peace, Harmony, preservation and Protection to Magnify and Multiply continuously everywhere. The intention that all lightworkers and healers give all of this a boost so that we can be the power of Light over Darkness in the Minds of People.



I had 10 small pebbles which I seeded in 3 places, in the garden, a beach named Corniche and there is a bridge over a lake where I put 4 pebbles.

I had to do this without anyone noticing as people here can take objection so I could not click pictures.


Shariffa Keshavji LHSG Kenya

All my family of ten seeded crystals at our home on Manyani Road. Intentions: Peace for the world, Safety and Security. Equal Opportunities. Balance in climate.

The students at Hawkers Market Girls Centre participate in the seva of seeding crystals. Girls seeding crystals of love, humility, wisdom, peace, forgiveness …… and

We seeded the crystals at Aga Khan Primary School, in the city market.


Mala Tolia LHSG UK

On the beautiful day of kartik Purnamasi, one of the most auspicious full moon occasions of the year, The LHSG UK members got together by the river Thames in Richmond to carry out the seeding sewa

Present were Bena( the UK leader) , Lekha, Indu, Anita , Savita , Sarika , new born Eva, (4 weeks old) and myself, Mala

Although it was raining and the temperature outside was some 4 degrees celsius, We all were wrapped up, strapped up to join the rest of the LHSG international in helping mother Earth and nature

We had all been giving healing to our individual crystals to charge them in our own homes for the past 7 days and this was the last phase of our Exercise.

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