LHSG 14th Anniversary Celebrations Seva No. 7

We are sleeping well. We do not have fear anymore. No more nightmares.  No headaches, stomach aches and back aches. We don’t fall sick anymore. These testimonies from the girls of Talia Agler Girls Shelter were validated by the Nurse-Manager Agnes. They music to our ears, and we knew Reiki had weaved its magic yet again!

Through the continued kind permission of TAGS Founder, Mrs Edith Morogo, Lotus Healing Seva Group has been associated with the institution for the past 5 years. We have regular Reiki training camps for the girls that are housed in this shelter. These girls come from traumatic backgrounds. They are victims of abandonment, abuse and trafficking for labour and sex. With Reiki in their lives, they slowly but surely get healed at a very deep level

On 30th December 2019, LHSG Founder Member Monica Gokaldas and I, Kamal Tolia, accompanied by a friend Anju Mullick visited the shelter with a view to finding out how the girls were faring with Reiki, and to treat them to an end of year Chrsitmas lunch treat of Pizza, Crisps, Biscuit and Ice cream.

They did us proud as they told us that they practiced Reiki regularly. They also gave Reiki to Anju, and she was amazed at the Reiki healing power in their hands.

All has been captured in the video below. Please do watch.

Wishing all a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2020!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

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