15th Anniversary Event 1 …. Hindu Refugees Learn Reiki

Hindu Refugees Learn Reiki

Twenty one Hindu refugees, adults and children, huddled around a lap top, in the small area outside the teacher’s informal settlement shelter house …….. this is the scene of a Reiki level 1 training camp held on Sunday 9th and 16th August.

Difficult times of the pandemic call for innovation. Sitting in Nairobi, Kenya, LHSG Kenya members Mamta Advani and I, decided to cross the Indian Ocean to connect with our Hindu refugee brothers and sisters in Delhi. We did this for 2 hours over Skype on 2 Sundays.

We taught Reiki Level 1 to this mixture group ranging in age from 6 to 60 years.  The enthusiasm was great …. It could be felt across the ocean through my lap top! As you will see from the pictures, social distance didn’t happen, not because they didn’t want it or know about it, but because their small lap top screen dictated that they sit close.

They picked up the theory and practice of Reiki superbly! And in no time became the latest entrants to the world of Reiki healing. After the training, we treated them to a few snacks of bananas, Gulab Jammus (an Indian Sweet) and vegetable stuffed pies.

And so ended our first Reiki training seva camp done on line in this era of the corona pandemic. It was a privilege to bring the healing power of Reiki into the lives of these refugees who have so little to begin with. We give gratitude to the Universe for making us an instrument of his love and light for these Hindu refugees that have come to India due to religious and social persecution in Pakistan.

Thank you to Vikram Lalwani, the Hindu refugee teacher without whose support, this workshop would not have taken place.

Thank you for reading and watching! The video is in a mixture of Hindi and Gujarati. Apology for the less than perfect quality, the pictures and video were taken on Skype. Please also listen to Vkram’s Reiki testimonial in Hindi

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member

Lotus Healing Seva Group.

Vikram, Hindu Refugee Teacher gives his testimonial on Reiki in Hindi


Video: https://youtu.be/aTfp4urs428

Slide show: https:///5GCYA9Xgyl0

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1 Response to 15th Anniversary Event 1 …. Hindu Refugees Learn Reiki

  1. Monica Gokaldas says:

    Crossing continents
    Overcoming hurdles
    LHSG across borders
    Reaches out to help
    The beauty of online teaching
    Made young lives benefit
    The healing art of Reiki
    Enriching and empowering
    Those who crossed borders…
    …to seek refuge in Indian land
    Reiki helps them forget some pain
    They gain more focus
    and learn to heal themselves
    Happy faces of innocence
    Charm the world with their love.

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