Inner Child Healing with Reiki

This Course Is open to Reiki Level 3 healers Only.

This is a self-healing Reiki course. It is done over a period of 8 weeks. You will be healing the inner child with special sentences / instructions sent to you weekly. The results are amazing and become apparent as quickly as in a few days of doing this Reiki self-healing. At the end of 8 weeks, people who have taken this course have shared that literally feel like a new person, past painful and emotionally charged memories have cease to bother them, and they have regained their inner power. They are able to set boundaries and their relationships have improved. Their responses are coming from a place of adult thinking. They experience a sense of freedom though joy. They retain / reawaken their child-like joy. And best of all, they love and cherish themselves more and more!

Very good reasons, I say, to embark on this journey of journeys: to heal yourself by healing your inner child!

Below are a few remarks from 29 people that did this course, followed by a few statistics of the results.

Inner child healing Remarks by participants

  • Am much calmer, logical and feeling centered ….. This process was a eye opener for all of us, charity begins at home..until we are happy and peaceful we cannot spread happy outside.

  • I feel more relaxed as I don’t feel the need to control all external events occurring in my life. I am more accepting of what is happening around me even though I may not agree or like what is happening………. I am deeply grateful for the experience which has impacted change within me – inner feelings of relaxation, peace and acceptance.

  • Other’s decisions and thinking no longer bothers me now. I can see and take decisions that are good for me. Used to feel that others were controlling my life. Now I have confidence and no shame about the past in my life or future decisions. Thank you.

  • The level of restlessness, guilt about myself has reduced drastically. Feeling of content has increased. ….. I am very grateful for this whole healing process….. Came in touch with my innermost feelings and most importantly am not fearful, guilty or sad anymore.

  • My ability to organize things seems to be sharper, and I’m getting things done more quickly. ….. Thank you Kamal for your guidance

  • I enjoy my time with my daughter of 1.5 years more than before …… It’s a lovely and innovative process developed with divine wisdom.

  • before when i would be upset about a situation i would take long to come out of it but now i am become more calm quickly.

  • I am more confident in myself and feeling much lighter …. This Healing of the Inner Child will take you by surprise as there are so many aspects of yourself which you are not aware (like me!) that need healing. …. Thank you Dear Kamal – we are truly privileged to have you as our Teacher/Healer

  • I am living in the present …….

  • I am more positive and grounded …… All Reiki healers should do this inner child healing

  • I feel energetic and play more with children (my grandchildren ) without getting annoyed. I can carry on for 5 hrs each day. …… It was very good doing the course. I didnt realise how much I had to release. Thank you so much Kamal

  • It has helped me greatly. For a long long time I have noticed some blocks in me and they ware hindering my spiritual progress. Inner child healing with Reiki is very deep and has cleared these blocks to a great extent. …… I am ever so grateful for this beautiful course.

  • I am more aware of my thoughts now and if I start to get negative thoughts I try to disregard it and distract myself to do other things.

  • Yes, I have become more calm and content. I also feel very very energetic n free….. Thank you so much for bringing this up.. ….. Not everyone thinks of their inner child or has courage/method to heal their inner child..This is just so Divine n pure..Thank u so so much..Love and light

  • I no longer feel I have to please others (although having done so for all my lifetime, this will take time but every day I am getting better knowing I have an inner strength) …. What a blessing to have participated!

  • I feel more optimistic in life ….. It was an enriching personal experience.

  • Yes, now I can explain myself better if something is bothering me from other person. Not keeping it inside me and hurting myself anymore. Started self-loving myself. Most of the time I feel happy like a child. Not getting angry for long time with anyone. …. Some of the part of inner child healing, maked us uncomfortable , hurt, cry. But we continued (as guided by you kamalji ) and at the end we saw the results.

  • More energetic more positive and more cheerfull … before my night sleep very poor, was getting up every half hour … now I sleep for 4 hours continuously, sometimes even more …

  • More at peace and grounded within myself. ….. I felt had healed myself to quite an extent as have been at a good space within myself for some time now. But realized with this course that there still was some healing to be done. Thank you Kamalji.

  • I have become more joyful. Feel calm and relaxed with IC Healing …. Thanks for your time and efforts for bringing this beautiful modality of healing ourselves. IC Healing is a miraculous way of healing our forgotten self…….Thank you

  • I am a lot more accepting and non-judgmental of myself and of others and with others I am able to draw strong boundaries.

  • I feel more confident, peaceful n happy …. Thank you so much Kamalji for introducing this course to us, it has made a lot of difference in me ..thank u thank u thank u

  • I have addiction for doing housework … I can now let it go ……. My general aches and pains are better.

  • Acceptance, inner peace and more understanding and kindness towards myself and what happened to my inner child…. am so very grateful that I have met you as my Guru.

  • I am grateful for all your guidance in healing my inner child. Am glad I did this healing.

  • Thank you so much

29 people completed this Inner Child healing course.

Here are the results after completing the course.

100% said they

  • are less depressed or anxious,
  • are more trusting of other people.
  • are able to sleep well.
  • can regulate their emotions better
  • are more able to act from logic and reason
  • their relationships with others have improved.
  • know when it’s important to be serious and thoughtful


  • Would recommend this method of Inner Child Healing to Reiki Healers.

98% said

  • they do not feel stressed all the time.

96.5% said

  • they no longer have feelings of worthlessness

96% said

  • they no longer have feelings of unexplained anger
  • they have a deep sense of peace within themselves
  • they take responsibility as needed, but you also release the responsibilities of others back to them.

94.65% said

  • they feel happy most of the time for no apparent reason

91% said

  • When they think of the hurtful times or incidents ….. they no longer bother them …. They could actually see the events as happening outside of them …. they can watch them or think about them clinically … no emotion surfaces ….. it feels like watching a movie …… and after some time they didn’t think there was any value in watching this movie, because it’s the same meaningless movie repeated again and again!

88% said

  • they no longer have mood swings.

82.% said

  • More and more often they wanted to play like a child, and they didn’t feel silly or ashamed about doing so
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