Thoughts And Practices For Enlightened Living 10

Asking For Forgiveness

Part 10. Forgiveness for the Soul contd.

Modern Ho’opono pono was started in 1976 by the late Kahuna (priest) Morrnah Simeone. Being a Christian, Simeone was influenced by Christain education but she was also well versed in the philosophy of Karma and re incarnation.

Morrnah extended Ho’ opono pono to include Karma. That to me is no surprise. After all, what is happening to you right now is a result of your karma, isn’t it? Modern Ho’oponopono proposes that past misconducts and unpleasant situations remain in our memories as karmic baggage which we carry from one lifetime to another. These keep replaying in our life as unpleasant situations. They are begging to be resolved! And until we resolve them, our soul cannot evolve. Our soul agenda will not let us be … it will continue drawing the same situations, circumstances and events in our life, until we learn the lessons! So since we are responsible for what is going on in our lives, it stands to reason that we are also responsible for setting things right … to make amends etc.

Take for example poor relationships. These are dramas replaying from our past lives, begging to be addressed. Mother in law issues? Daughter in law issues? Father –child issues, extended family issues? Husband – wife issues? Friendship issues? …. All are none other than a past life memory replaying itself like a broken record. In each and every case, Forgiving was not done, and Asking for forgiveness was not done ….. We did not do that in the past … how about we remedy the wrong by starting the process now?!! We do this by practicing Ho’oponopono now!

The original Ho’ opono pono was an interpersonal exercise, i.e. it involved more than one person. Morrnah Simeone modernized it to suit our present day thinking and understanding. She modified it so that you do not need the other person to carry out Ho’ opono pono. You only need to direct it to yourself. Through her, it has become a process involving you and you alone! It is a problem – solving process, which includes repentance, asking for forgiveness and transmutation.

Practicing Ho’oponopono will give you much peace in your conscious, sub conscious and super conscious (spiritual) mind. Inside peace will automatically bring outside peace in your immediate environment and after a period of time to your far environment i.e. peace in the world. Quite naturally, healing will follow.

Next week: Practicing Ho’oponopono

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member, LHSG

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  1. Thank you Kamalji for reminding us that only I, myself can change myself. Change comes from inside. Hooponopono is in a way self compassion. Clearing the trauma, residue of pain, repetitive thoughts I am sure are part of this.
    Such an easy process to direct forgiveness towards the pain to release it.

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