LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Seva No. 2

September 30th and October 1st were special days for 45 new children and 3 new teachers in  Mukuru Outreach Academy in Nairobi, because they received the beautiful gift of ‘Healing with Reiki’. We have been imparting this training to the children and teachers year in and year out, ever since we became associated with them 7 years ago. We have also been buying them text books every year which has resulted, not surprisingly, in their improved grades.

The attunement to Reiki Level 1 and self-healing was done on the first day, followed by partner-healing on the second day. And since we are celebrating our 16th Anniversary, Lotus Healing Seva Group treated the whole school of about 400 students and staff to milk and cream rolls on the first day and beans stew and chapattis on the second day. These were as much loved by them as their newly discovered healing power!

A big thank you to teacher Vincent who conducted the Reiki training, and to the Head Teacher Enock and the school accountant Edith, for their continued support to LHSG. And a Special thank you to Teacher Vincent who carried out the training so perfcetly. 

Thank you, dear reader, for reading this. The video of all the activities follows below.

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3 Responses to LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Seva No. 2

  1. Nicole says:

    This was such a nice way to celebrate LHSG’s 16th Birthday. I loved watching the partner healing and hearing the Birthday song. Thank you, LHSG.

  2. Thank you Kamalji,
    LHSG spreading love and light
    It makes our days and thoughts full of light
    Children celebrating is a welcome sight
    Look at their eyes shining bright
    Healing themselves with love and light
    Giving others near them so much light

  3. Savita Karekar says:

    It was very nice that these cute little children doing Reiki hands on each other.
    You guys are doing a great job.
    Love you

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