LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Seva No. 3

LHSG UK and LHSG Germany Sewa on 8th October:

Healing in nature by Anita, Kitty, Indu Auntie, Jasu Auntie , Savita ,Mala & Bena, Hina.

Healing done at Osterley park in London.

We reached the park at 11.15am. We each took a bottle of water, Reikied & blessed the water & put positive vibrations & poured into the lake water for all sea life, microbes & trees & nature around to be blessed & healed .

Next we did Silent meditation combining it with I Am meditation.

Then sat down around a table outdoors did the sacred space followed by the weekly Thursday healing protocol. After which we made our way to Indu aunties house for lunch & appreciation for a lovely day spent with everyone in person, a real treat in these pandemic times!

Felt it hard to put our emotions & feelings into words . Over all felt very blessed for this sewa opportunity by all.

Dipakbala Shah

LHSG UK In Charge


Bhanu Ramesh Shah LHSG UK Member

At Saltram lake in Devon: Healing the tree.

In Devon ….. Seva being done on first day of Navratri:

Healing the water in the Dart river, river Yealm and river Avon; and at the Bigbury Bay (beach), healing the forests ( Dartmoor), through which we have walked, hugging trees, and taking in lots of oxygen in south Devon and Plymouth. Plus we got a chance to heal cows, horses, seagulls and other birds (mallards) and fishes. Thanks to the Universe for such a wonderful opportunity.


Sewa done in Germany by Kumud Auntie 8th October :     

Started at 8 am…..  Set up the sacred space, healing done to bird food & put it out in the garden, fed the fish in the pond outside, healing plants & flowers in the gardens….. healing for survival of nature for the future & showed gratitude for all it gives….. picked up a friend Elke who is in a wheelchair went to River Rhein , set up the Sacred space then healed the water, & all the sea life & birds & atmosphere hugging the trees . Namaskar to lovely Sun and Mother Earth . Whole day spent in gratitude, love joy & in gratitude. Made donation of £30 to LHSG UK to be used for seva activities.

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  1. Healing the waters and flowing rivers
    Down my spine it sends a shiver
    Gift of reiki to nature and beyond
    Bringing children into the fold
    How blessed are we this to behold
    Gratitude to LGgSG and leadership
    This makes our reach incredible

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