LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Seva No 6

Tree Planting in the ISKCON Temple Grounds in Thika

This was our first external seva done together since the covid pandemic. It was done on Wednesday 10th November 2021 by LHSG Kenya Members Sheela Shah, Deepu Mahajan, Laveena Keswani, Bhavna Baga, Sakina Taki. Mamta Advani was overall in charge. As in the past, forgiveness was asked from Mother Earth for hurting her, blessing the hole with Reiki,  reciting Sankrit mantras while planting the tree and watering it, and then finally blessing the tree with Reiki as well as giving a verbal blessing.

Please read on to know more …. and do watch the video below ….

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The tree planting at ISKCON farm in Thika was a beautiful Sewa. We were able to manage all the challenges of distance, time and planting 76 fruit trees (31 avocado + 21 papaya + 5 amla+ 17 lemon + 2  anjeer ) to plant with only 6 people.

What touched me deeply was that rain or strong sun …. Nothing mattered …..  we were all engrossed in planting the trees in the sacred way as taught by Kamalji.

Giving Reiki to the cows was also very gratifying.

Mamta Advani

LHSG Kenya Member


Today’s tree planting exercise at ISKON farm was such a gratifying experience. This was my first seva outing since the pandemic began and I couldn’t have had it any other way. The farm was so well kept, with lovely fruits and vegetables flourishing everywhere. It was easy to feel inspired to add on more trees in the farm as it was apparent it will all be well cared for. The cool rain that blessed us was another bonus to our endeavour. Later, the scrumptious lunch that followed was a reward that we were pleasantly surprised as it turned out to be a feast. I loved the banana leaf meal. After the lunch, we went over to the gaushala where we fed the cows and bulls chapattis and completed our interaction by giving Reiki to all of them.

The whole experience was made perfect only by the organising back work done by Punita, Neena, Kamalji and Mamta….. and then the wonderful team work of today of Laveena, Bhavna, Mamta, Deepu and Sakina and last but not least to Reiki for the smooth sailing of the exercise. Thank you very much. Looking forward to many more LSHG ventures.

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


Yesterday’s tree planting at ISKCON farm was such a wonderful experience.. this is first seva after pandemic ..The farm is so beautiful and they kept them so well . fruits and vegetables are flourishing everywhere.. so healthy and fresh ..saw some pawpaw, bringal, bitter gourd, cherries, dudhi, mangoes….and so many others.. when we started planting and after some time rain started…felt God’s blessings showering on us ..it was very pleasant weather…Prabhu Narayan ji and workers are so supportive . They made our work very smooth.. after tree planting went for lunch .. really enjoyed banana leaf lunch … satwik bhojan…after that we went to gaushala . .fed cows and blessed them with lots of healing and love and light.

Big gratitude to Kamal aunty for organising this seva. Thank you all my soul sisters for organising and guiding for seva.

Thank you lotus healing seva group for giving me opportunity to do this seva at a holy place like this…so so grateful.

Bhavna Baga

LHSG Kenya Member


The tree planting seva at ISKON farm on 10th November was a wonderful experience. The energy was so divine. The farm is well kept. It looks so beautiful and serene. We LHSG are blessed to be able to plant 76 trees in that divine place. As soon as we started our seva, it started raining. I was touched to see our sisters seva bhaav and enthusiasm towards their work that even rains could not stop them. Pleasant weather was a favor and blessings from God. Then we were called for lunch. It was a different experience to have banana leaf meal. Than we proceeded to the gau shala. The cows look very healthy. It’s always satisfying to feed the cows and bless them. Lastly, we gave thanks to Narayan Prabhu and the workers in the farm as without their support and their help, we would not finish our seva smoothly. Big thanks to Kamal aunty, Punita and Mamta and Neena ji for organizing this trip. Everything was well planned.

It was a very gratifying experience. Thank you. Love n light

Laveena Keswani

LHSG Kenya Member


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  1. This is double Seva, planting trees, blessing the cows and giving support to the centre. No wonder the heavens opened up to proclaim the Seva as being a wonderful gesture. LHSG. Bravo once again.

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