LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Seva No 7

The Hawkers Market Girls Centre provides a yearly program of education and vocational training to girls aged between 16-22 years who live in the surrounding slums, and who are unable to access formal education. The Lotus Healing Seva Group (LHSG) has been teaching the girls Reiki for a number of years now, enabling them to learn and use healing for self and others. Our yearly Reiki Training program for the girls of the Hawkers Market Girls Centre was held on 10th and 11th November 2021.

Please read on for the reports of Azmina and Punita, who conducted the Reiki 1 and 2 trainings respectively.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


This was my first experience teaching six (6) girls Reiki Level 1. The girls were aged between 17-18 years. The training was conducted using a virtual platform. A few setbacks, for instance, starting off later than scheduled and problems with the internet connection were experienced but notwithstanding, the training overall was a success.

Though the girls had no idea about what Reiki is, I found them to be very open-minded about the idea. They took a bit of time to grasp the history of Reiki and Chakras but with a bit of explanations they understood and even remembered Dr. Usui and his experiences as well as the Chakras, their positions and colors the next day. The attunement was well received by the students where they reported feeling light and lots of heat especially in their palms. After that they proceeded to do healing on themselves and they all felt of lots of heat in their palms, relaxation, feeling less stressful. One of them even felt her headache had gone and was feeling better blood flowing through the body.

The next day most of them expressed that they had slept very well the previous night and were feeling very relaxed. Whilst undertaking the partner-healing, they felt much heat again pouring out of their palms. At the end of the training, the girls appreciated the various benefits of Reiki which they had already started experiencing for themselves during the training. They promised to start their days by saying the 5 Reiki principles and try to practice them in their lives. They also undertook to do self-healing everyday as well as on others so that they continue to feel the wonderful benefits of Reiki. They expressed their gratitude for the gift of Reiki.

It was a most humbling experience for me, being given a change to be of service and pass on the gift of Reiki to these young girls, which I hope will be life changing for them. I am grateful to LHSG for the seva opportunity.

Azmina Mulji

LHSG Kenya Member


The HMGC Reiki level 2 online training on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th November 2021, was a great success and the girls benefited tremendously.

I had 13 girls in total. They had already been practicing their level 1 Reiki so learning the symbols came to them very easily.

As we progressed in learning, the girls were very happy that they could do distant healing for family members that were at home.

We as LHSG treated these girls with lunch on both the days. The first day was green grams, chappati, cabbage and carrot salad On the second day there was pilau rice, with a tomato and onion salad. This was a treat they thoroughly enjoyed.

Overall for me, as a teacher, I felt that this is going to help them in many different situations in their lives.

Punita Acharya

LHSG Founder Member


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