LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Sevas No 8 and 9!

Still on the roll, Lotus Healing Seva Group continued with Reiki level 1 training sevas for

  1. Five patients and care givers at Faraja Cancer Support Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. This was done online.
  2. Two ladies in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This was done in person.

The former was conducted by LHSG Kenya members Mamta Advani and Azmina Mulji, the latter by LHSG UAE in charge Kirti Kamdar

For privacy’s sake, we do not have any photos or videos of the Faraja Training camp.

Please read on for their accounts.

Thank you dear subscribers for staying with Lotus Healing Seva Group.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The on line Reiki Level 1 training at Faraja Cancer Support Centre went very well. We had only 5 students, 2 cancer survivors and 3 care givers, but they were very keen, attentive and natural at Reiki. They were on time, taking notes, asking questions and sharing their experiences. Although it was a small group it was very interactive. It was a two day session from 10am-1 pm on 17th & 18th .

Azmina was very efficient with the preparation, coordination and teaching. Thank you Azmina.

The trainees had amazing experiences to share. They are now looking forward to the Reiki level 2 training in January.

Thanks go to Beryl from Faraja for organizing everything well.

Mamta Advani

LHSG Kenya Member


The Faraja Reiki training camp went very very well. Everything flowed perfectly. Mamta’s expert teaching, the students willingness, openness towards the teaching and receiving, their natural abilities and intuitiveness to self-healing and partner healing, their first hand experiences. It was amazing and a very fulfilling experience for all. Deepest gratitude to God, the universe, Faraja and the trainees for this wonderful wonderful seva opportunity and experience. Thank you.

Azmina Mulji

LHSG Kenya Member


I feel blessed to have two ladies for Reiki level 1, as part of our Lotus Healing Seva Group’s Anniversary Seva.

They were so eager to learn this awesome healing tool.

Both of them had questions and were amazed by the answers they got because it was new to them and to know what Reiki can do, they felt their decision to learn Reiki was right.

One lady is quite young and has a 6 year old son and wants him to get this spirituality in his life at an early age.

Gratitude Universe & Reiki

Kirti Kamdar

LHSG UAE in charge

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2 Responses to LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Sevas No 8 and 9!

  1. Kirtikala Kamdar says:

    Each time I have people come to learn Reiki, I have an amazing and different experience. I myself get to learn so much when they ask questions or share their experiences.
    Thank You Reiki that connects me to so many people. ?????

  2. The stories of Faraja, Nasarpur and the Hawkers Market are heart warming.
    In this divisive wold acts of sharing is heart warming
    Imagine a world where we could do something heart warming?
    We can each one find something, some act of heart warming.
    Let us follow the LGSG way forward of heart warming.

    A gift for life to get in touch with the universal energy is heart warming

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