LHSG International Celebrates Mother Earth Day!

The United Nations delegates 22nd April every year as International Mother Earth Day.

We at Lotus Healing Seva Group rolled up our sleeves (literally) and got to work and celebrate big time!

  • Fifty trees were planted by our little children in Nasarpur, Sindh, Pakistan. the children brought 25 trees from their homes, 25 trees were donated by our LHSG Pakistan Member Vikram Narain, their teacher. How is that for committed and sincere participation from them? Our gratitude to Vikram for teaching the children our Reiki and spiritual way of planting trees with Hindu Mantras! The children were divided into groups for planting and taking care of the seedlings every day!

  • Our children from Mukuru Outreach Academy in the Mukuru Sinai slums did Ho’oponopono with Mother Earth, and showed their love for Mother Earth by doing a clean up of the area outside a Market in their area, supervised and guided by their teachers. For sure Mukuru was a cleaner place when they had finished. The children were encouraged to keep their surroundings clean henceforth! Many many thanks to the Head teacher Enock Nyananga and Teacher Vincen Muema for carrying out this cleaning drive and inculcating Love for Mother Earth. 
  • And the rest of us of LHSG International expressed our Love for Mother Earth by doing a number of activities for a whole week, 21st April to 28th in different parts of the world. From Kenya, to UK, to California, we blessed the waters, the trees, the plants … we hugged trees, we did Ho’oponopono to Mother Earth …… we watered trees and plants while chanting mantras ….. and we planted many plants and trees using our special Reiki and Spiritual way with Hindu Mantras. …. our littlest members 16 months old, 2 years old, and 3 and 4 year olds played their part by watering plants in their homes! A big thank you to all LHSG International members! For sure we contributed to making the world a better place!

  • We held a Healing meeting on line, in which we honoured our dear Mother Earth by chanting and reciting verses from different faiths and cultures after which we did a special visualisation to ‘green’ her with millions of trees! 

  • Please do watch our videos which say it all!!!

Kamla Tolia

Founder Member

Lotus Healing Seva Group International

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    3 Responses to LHSG International Celebrates Mother Earth Day!

    1. From Sindh to Makuru
      Reiki members stood true
      To our commitment new
      Planting trees even a few
      Every tree stands up anew

      Lucky we are to bless the earth
      Our dear Dharti Mother Earth
      Aged and babes in delight,mirth
      Dug, and blessed abated thirst
      Forever changing Gaia our earth

      Thank you Lotus Healing Seva Group
      For the gifts of planting,
      With prayers and encouraging
      For awareness and caring
      A gift of life worth sharing

    2. Nicole says:

      This is so wonderful! Thank you for the update and Happy Mother Earth Day! Thank you for sharing ways we can all benefit Mother Earth.

    3. Kirtikala says:

      It was a privilege to be part of this celebration.
      Felt blessed at the same time.
      Thank You.

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