LHSG 17th Anniversary Seva No. 1

Reiki Level 1 Mukuru Academy 10th Sept 2022

It is with joy that I write this ……. This year Lotus Healing Seva Group celebrates 17 years of doing Reiki Seva. And we started these celebrations by conducting an online Reiki Level 1 Training for 70 children and 3 teachers in Mukuru Outreach Academy on 10th September. The children met on a Saturday morning, were attuned, did healing on themselves and on their friends, and had a nice, filling meal of rice and beans. As in the past, all this was possible due to the dedication of Teacher and Deputy Head Vincent, and the Headmaster Teacher Enock Nyananga, both Reiki Level 2 Practitioners.

Please read on for Vincent’s report, in which he also describes how Reiki has changed the lives of the children and staff of the school, and do watch the video that follows.

Love and Light to all!

Kamal Tolia.

Founder Member LHSG.


Hello Madam Kamal, first i want to appreciate the Lotus Healing and Seva group for the tremendous work and support towards the Mukuru fraternity. We are really grateful from the bottom of our hearts. Since the first day we learned Reiki our lives have been positively impacted through your wonderful and natural way of healing. The school staff and pupils are really grateful to you and the Lotus Healing and Seva group. Yesterday, the pupils were really happy and testified that the healing process was of great help unto them. Since it was their first level, they were really anxious to learn and believe me after learning, they were excited, some healed and they were yearning for more. As their teacher i appreciate a lot for your love, care and support you have towards our children. May the almighty God bless you abundantly and open more ways and support towards this young generation. Thank you!

Vincent Muema

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4 Responses to LHSG 17th Anniversary Seva No. 1

  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you for sharing this story and the wonderful video. I felt the healing energy while watching it. I am so happy everyone benefitted so much from the Reiki Seva! Best wishes to all.

  2. Bravo LHSG and team.
    Creating pools of hope and healing
    Reaching out to young souls so willing
    To them Reiki is so appealing
    With love their heart are filling
    Unconditionally they too are sharing

  3. A very promising healthy life ahead for these young healers.
    It’s so very rewarding to see a new generation coming up with reiki enhanced life and moral values. It feels great to be part of it all and touching lives in our own way via reiki.

  4. Kirtikala says:

    Very happy to see young kids learn Reiki and make their lives better.
    Blessed to be part of such a noble cause.

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