LHSG 17th Anniversary Seva No. 8

Reiki Level 2 Training For Hawkers Market Girls Centre  Girls on 19th Oct. 2022

I, Punita Acharya was involved in the arrangements of the dates to hold the camp, food, and attunement.

The lunch consisted of chapatti, vegetable stew, and soda. They all appreciated it.

Overall the attunement went very well and the girls were very receptive. The mentioned that they were looking forward to learning level 2. Hence the camp ended on a positive note.

The training was conducted by LHSG members Shariffa Keshavjee and Sakina Taki. Please read on for Sakinas report and do watch the short video clip that follows.

Punita Acharya

LHSG Founder Member.


On wed 19th October we, LHSG held a Reiki level 1 camp for the Hawkers Market Girls Centre.

The camp was very successful. A few students saw colours while they were being attuned and one of them saw flowers. At the end of the self-healing process, many students commented that they started the class while having headache but after completing Reiki on themselves, headaches disappeared and they felt at ease and calm.

They mentioned that they will give Reiki to the elders in their family and also to those pregnant as they see these people suffering in their society.

They were excited to know that they can learn the next level of Reiki in a month or two.

Sakina Taki

LHSG Kenya Member.


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  1. Nicole says:

    This is so nice! Thank you for the report and video.

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