LHSG 17th Anniversary Seva No. 9

Our LHSG Kenya Mukuru members: the 162 children and 8 teachers of Mukuru Outreach Academy went on a Reiki healing trip to the Nairobi Safari Walk in the Nairobi National Park. Yes, you read correctly, it was a ‘Reiki Healing For The Animals’ trip! This happened on 28th October 2022.

Many thanks go to the Head Teacher Enock Nyananga and the Deputy Head Teacher Vincent Muema for co-ordinating the whole event, and guiding the children to bless each animal with Reiki. Together we will create caring, compassionate children and adults!  

And of course, the children were thrilled to see many animals, among them buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, leopard, ostrich, lions, and even the rare white rhino!

Please do watch the video below. Although sometimes we can’t see the animal being blessed, we can definitely see a the children healers’ ‘sea of hands’ blessing the animal with Reiki!!

The transport, entry fees, and the lunch of chappattis and milk were sponsored by LHSG Kenya.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


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2 Responses to LHSG 17th Anniversary Seva No. 9

  1. Caring for the voiceless ones
    A trait developed by little ones
    Kudos LHSG Mukuru members
    You have made us all proud of you.

  2. Nicole says:

    This is beautiful! The video is so nice, including the message from Head Teacher Enock Nyananga. I enjoyed seeing the animals in the video receiving reiki from the students.

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