LHSG 17th Anniversary Seva No. 11

A Healing Afternoon for the Elderly

In my residential estate there is a fair number of elderly living among us. Some of them are socially and physically active whilst some have age related or physical conditions that restrict them from much movement. A few of them are on wheelchairs as well and rarely go out and get to interact with people.

As part of our 17th Anniversary seva I decided to share my love and care with them as a group of people collectively. I conducted a session of easy stretches and vertigo related exercises as some of them suffer from vertigo and have been complaining about their un-ease. The session was held on the late afternoon of Saturday 5th November at the estate’s pool side.

They were all very excited to learn and some of them even came along with their daughters’ for support. I had set up a sacred space prior to beginning the session and introduced myself as a Reiki Healer. Although I did not speak much about Reiki, I continued sending out Reiki and blessings silently through my heart to all of them whilst teaching them the stretches.

It was a very enriching and humbling experience as the senior citizens participated and interacted quite well and tried to do the exercises as per their individual capacities and medical conditions. Doing this kind of a seva was a first time for me and I am happy I overcame the challenge of communicating with a Gujarati speaking group as I do not speak Gujarati and they opted for me to speak in Hindi instead of English.

Then having skipped the following day, a Sunday I informed them on Monday, 7th November that I had started sending Reiki to all of them and will continue to do so for the next two weeks till 21st November. They are very thankful to the Reiki being sent already.

List of people who attended: Pannaben (On wheelchair), Amratben (she has been using the walking frame since few years),   Kabirbhai, Kantibhai (He was very thankful and lost his wife last month to Covid), SItaram Ji, Savitreben (Suffers from vertigo since long and has body pains), Ushaben (Jyoti’s mother)  (Lot of joint pain and is on wheel chair), Jasuben, Shakuntalaben, Chandra Gohil, Ranjuben (our Tejal’s bua), Ketaki Sheth’s mother (we all call her masi), Shima Kanani (daughter of Kanti Bhai), Mayuri (Daughter of Kanti Bhai), Jyoti Shah (Volunteer), Monika Gupta (daughter of Shakuntala), Rama Gohil (Organizer), Anju Mullick (volunteer)

This is the list of people I have been sending Reiki to as pledged. Rama Gohil communicated with all the elderly and organized the afternoon. We needed volunteers as some of the ladies need assistance with their movement and wheelchairs etc.

Kindly watch the video clip below.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member


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2 Responses to LHSG 17th Anniversary Seva No. 11

  1. From London to Makuru
    From Nairobi’s residence
    To the informal sector
    LHSG has no limits
    Reiki love and light
    Goes to all young and old
    What more can we ask?
    17 year celebration
    It’s the best of its kind
    Service above self

  2. Kirtikala says:

    Dear Monicaji,
    Wonderful seva for the elderly.
    I can see the smile and enthusiasm among them.
    Bless you.
    Sakalam Sukham Bhuyaat 🙂

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