LHSG 17th Anniversary Sevas No. 10

On Monday 10th October,2022, for our 17th Anniversary Sevas, LHSG UK members,  Bena, Savita and Bhanuben , sent Reiki, and  hugged  the trees in the grounds of Roxeth Recreation Grounds, South Harrow. Savita had been watering and looking after these trees. We also sent healing to all the trees. Smaller trees needed more caring and now we can see them looking quite healthy. Our gratitude to Reiki.

As part of looking after Mother Earth,  we cleaned up all the plastic from the park , including the children’s play area, and sent Reiki, with the Intention “that birds will be protected from the plastic , and keep themselves safe’.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Bhanu Shah

LHSG UK Member


On the 14th of October I have been to the North sea on a boat crossing from Rotterdam to Hull. At sunrise I did crystal seeding seva. I energised crystals with intentions and seeded them in the sea.

See attachment photos.

Love and light to all

Kumud Shirley Morton.

LHSG UK Member


Four members of the LHSG U.K. group attended the Jalaram Temple, Greenford, U.K. food distribution on 18 October 2022, as part of the 17th anniversary sewa.

The food had been donated by various supermarkets and individual donors. LHSG U.K. Group members, were volunteering in distributing the food to all those who needed it. Once the tables outside the temple were set up, the Group members gave  Reiki to all the food, before it was distributed. The photos and videos show the Reiki being done. We are not allowed to take photos or videos of the actual distribution, as people’s  privacy is v important.

Lekha Quilter

LHSG UK Member


Due to the current economy, Jalaram Homeless charity food bank had been running low. LHSG UK identified their need for this Friday 21st October. They bought Coffee tins worth approx UK pounds 17, gave them Reiki and donated them to the Centre.

Please watch the video below, which shows all the sevas. .

Bena Shah

LHSG UK In Charge.



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3 Responses to LHSG 17th Anniversary Sevas No. 10

  1. Noble deeds by noble hearts of healers.
    Promising energies given back to Mother Earth and Nature.
    The dedication of U.K. members is inspiring to many.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thank you for the blessings and care.

  3. What a beautiful image
    Crystals full of good intention
    Placed in the womb of the sea
    The waters of the world carry away
    All the Reiki intentions into the world

    Food for those who have none
    Sharing the baraka we have
    Giving in a meaningful way
    Nourishing all sentient beings

    LHSG be blessed

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