Asking For Forgiveness

Asking For Forgiveness was the theme of the Workshop held on 7th April in Sylvie’s beautiful Planet House and on 30th July in Fhanreet’s lovely house balcony. Kamal took the audience of about 30 Reiki healers through the important steps of Asking for Forgiveness :

1. Realisation of having wronged

2. Regret / Remorse for what you have said or done or thought

3. Actually asking for Forgiveness

4. Atonement.

This was followed by a practical exercise in which they visualised the person/s they had wronged and applied the above steps. After this exercise, many reported feeling lighter, and also more confident of being able to do it in person.

Next, Kamal explained the basics of Ho’ opono opono, the Hawain technique of Self Growth even as you ask for forgiveness and heal the other party in the process. Although the concepts of Ho’ opono opno, were a little difficult to understand at the beginning, they were eventually well received by all. The workshop ended with mass chanting of ‘I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, I love you and I thank you’ 108 times by everybody. This charged their aura with the ultimate vibrations of asking for forgiveness ensuring that they consciously and subconsciously took responsibility for all that was happening in their lives.

The workshop ended with a sumptuous and healthy lunch brought in by members of the Lotus Healing Seva Group.


HO OPONO OPONO (Audio, sound File)

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  1. Punita Jayant Acharya says:

    Loved the photo’s and enjoyed the audio too. it is very well done. Keep up the great work……………… Congrats to our web designer!

  2. vimal says:

    Very good and much needed need of the times. very similar to Ram-mohan’s workshops.

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