Healing Seva for Underprivileged Girls

The Hawkers Market Girls Centre on Limuru Road has girls from informal settlements (slums) in Mathare, Huruma and Korongocho. These girls come from needy families and often from abusive and traumatized backgrounds. They are in need of healing not only at the physical, but also emotional and mental levels.

As part of its regular Reiki healing Seva, The Lotus Healing Seva Group (Kenya) and the Lotus Healing Seva Youth Group (Kenya) did Reiki Healing Seva to these girls. From mid April 2011, once a week, for three weeks, they went to the centre and gave them hands on Reiki healing.

The Group also donated various food articles like flour, beans, cakes, biscuits, milk, bread, fruit, and personal items like face creams, vaseline, sanitary towels, soap and toothbrushes and blankets.

The girls healed so well that in the words of some of them …. “my joint pains have gone, I can now kneel and do work without pain, ….. I am sleeping well, without fear, …. I am healed of my back pain and headaches …. I was afraid to speak up before, now I can speak with confidence …. I had a terrible fear before about being with others, now it does not bother me so much ….”

In fact they loved the Reiki healing so much, that they asked to be taught how to heal with Reiki. So on 5th May, LHSG had a workshop for them to teach them Reiki. With the wonderful Reiki energy in their hands, they are now able to give healing to themselves and others.

Besides helping them heal physically, mentally and emotionally, teaching them Reiki was a wonderful way of empowering them with healing power, so they can  look after their own overall health and that of their family and friends. This will help them to be holistically healed and therefore make a meaning contribution to society.

All those that took part in this special seva, felt blessed themselves! We felt a special soul connection with these girls. We give thanks to the Universe for giving us this chance to do this beautiful seva


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