Reiki Seva for underprivileged girls of HMGC

Reiki Seva for underprivileged girls of HMGC on 12th April 2011

Bhavik Kumbharana LHS(Y)G ….. 12 years

When I reached the Hawkers Girls centre I saw that they had stitching skills and Art and Craft skills. It felt like they were not hawkers but students who had already finished their education. Later the healing part came where I gave Reiki to six girls. Most of them had headaches, could not sleep well and had period pains. After the healing they said they felt much better.

I was very happy that I could help them with healing.

Kunali Gohil LHS(Y)G ……. 17 years

The Hawkers Market Girls Centre is a centre where young girls come from less fortunate families to get voluntary training on basic hose cleaning, sewing, basic computer skills and jewelry making.

When I stepped into their tiny shop where they sell handmade jewellery and bags I was stunned at the sight of their work. It was simply amazing.

Then my Reiki Master Kamalaunty instructed us on how we were to give the girls healing in an organized manner. One by one the girls came to us with glittering eyes, to receive the beautiful energies. The first girl I gave healing said she gets headaches very often, so I gave her more healing on the head. The second girl didn’t have any major problems. The third girl had sleeping problems and cramps. The fourth had back pain and stomach cramps. We also gave a visitor to the centre, a man, who asked for healing so we gave him Reiki too.

While healing, I first cleared everyone’s chakras before giving them Reiki on the parts that needed more healing. The girls were very pleased and thankful for receiving Reiki. They felt very relaxed and after healing they all took short naps and all felt very at peace.

I felt very happy, like I was on top of the world. The feeling I got by helping these girls improve their lives was just so great! It was a feeling one can only get when doing Seva, one that I will never forget!

Reiki Seva for underprivileged girls of HMGC on 19th April 2011

Anoushka Kassam LHS(Y)G ……. 11 years

For this Lotus Healing Seva Youth Group project, we went to the Hawkers Market Girls Centre on Tuesday 19th April 2011 in the afternoon at 2pm.  We visited this centre mainly to give the girls who stay there – Reiki. The girls are there for various reasons and they are there to be taken good care of. I think that this was a very wonderful experience for both me and the few girls that I healed.

When we entered the Hawkers Market Girls Centre, there were already healers healing there and the atmosphere was very peaceful compared to outside in the actual market. As I entered Kamal Aunty showed us the accessories and the other items that the girls there made. When I saw the things that they had made, I thought that they were very talented and they had been taught well and knew what they were doing.  Anyway, as I walked towards where the girls were seated, I saw that some of them were doing work in their school books, others were sewing and some were making bead necklaces. They all looked very busy but happy. To me, the girls there were in the age group of between 15 years and 20 years.  And they were all dressed smartly.

As I walked towards where the others were standing, the owner requested a girl to come out for healing. One did and she sat on the chair in front of me.  I asked her if she could tell me her name and if she could also tell me some of the problems that she had. When she did, I wrote them down on a piece of paper so that I can could continue to give her distant healing after the session at this location.   I still give them healing each and every night before I go to sleep. I gave Reiki to 3 girls that day and they all had common problems like, period cramps, headaches, joints hurting and one also had a bad toothache.

Not only did I help to cure their problems, I cleaned their ora, and did their chakras (both front and back) and other places like their faces, hands and legs. All in all, for each girl, I gave Reiki to their entire body. After I had given Reiki to the girls, they said that they were feeling a little tired/sleepy. So, Kamal Aunty told them to drink some water and go to sleep. It was very amazing to see that even in the afternoon; the girls were so relaxed that they could sleep.

After all the girls were done, Kamal Aunty brought out some cupcakes. We gave out 2 to each girl and as we left, they all looked really happy.  The reason that we gave them cupcakes was because the last time that the Reiki group was here, they asked the girls what they would like them to bring the next time we visited. One of the girls asked if we could bring cakes and so that’s what we did.

As I sat in the car on my way home, I realised how peaceful I was and how clean and happy I felt after giving the girls Reiki. I think that this feeling was really awesome and it warmed up my heart. I would really like to do this again because for 1, it is seva, I am giving what I have to others. Secondly because it just makes me feel at peace within myself.

I would like to thank Kamal Aunty for arranging this trip and the owner of the hawkers market girls centre for letting us be there and letting us experience that wonderful feeling. Thank you!

Karishma Kassam LHS(Y)G ……. 15 years

My inspirational visit to the Hawkers market

As the Lotus Healing Seva youth group, along with teh Lotus Healing Seva Group, we visited girls that lived in the hawkers market. I had been looking forward to being there and experiencing this, and was glad that I had the opportunity to go. The experience was amazing. The vibrations, ora, and positive feelings that I felt during this trip, were extra odinary. We all sat in a circle and gave healing to the girls who needed this healng. One by one, we gave them hands on healing on all their main chakras and additional healing on the areas that needed help. I gave healing to 4 different people with problems such as headaches, period cramps, back ache, ankle pain, and head aches. After giving them healing, the satisfaction and positiviness that I felt was wonderful and it was good to hear that they felt it too. The few of us who were left at the end, gave the girls some cupcakes, which they were very happy about, and giving them these cakes, also made me feel very warm at heart. I would love to go back and give out my healing to more of these girls who need the healing.

After a few days of giving these girls healing, I feel as though they are healing and that they are feeling better and I would love to speak to these girls and find out their feelings through the week. Giving healing and sending out all that positive energy that day, kept me peaceful at heart and I enjoyed that very much. And because of the experience I had, I want strive to take part in more events like this and spread more of this posotive energy around to help more people who need it.


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