Taking Your Power Back Part 3

Part 3 Understanding Giving Away Power

We mentioned two weeks ago about how comfortable we feel in the status quo …… to continue allowing others to pull our strings. In spite of the poor self image it has resulted in, we even justify it. It is too much of a bother to do it otherwise. So we continue in life, unhappy being the doormat, the butt of jokes, overworked, overburdened, taken for granted, unnoticed etc. etc. ……. But unwilling or unable to do anything about it.

Because of our low self worth, we do not value who or what we are. We try to fill that emptiness inside us from the outside world. This spills into our relationships where instead of being equal partners, we become partners dependent on the other. We become afraid to do or say anything without the approval of the partner / in case the other person ‘does not like it’

Every time we make a person, a situation or event more important than us, we have given away our power. Every time we give in, regardless of our needs, feelings and opinions, and under fear of disapproval, we have given away our power again.

This giving away of power is usually a slow process, like a leak in the roof. It is small to begin with, maybe even barely noticeable at first, but usually becomes a big hole over time.

What is the answer to this problem? First, you need to be aware that your power is slowly leaking away. Second, you need to know you can plug that leak. You don’t need to learn how to fix it. You have the power and the knowledge inside you.

Not having exercised this power for years, and having no confidence in ourselves, we even doubt that such a power exists. But the truth of the matter is that because this power has been ignored by us, it does not make itself felt easily. But it lies dormant, submerged in our consciousness, ready to spring back into action once acknowledged.

Once we understand this basic truth, we will be ready to take responsibility for our own happiness. Until then we tend to blame people and circumstances for what we feel, when in truth, nobody and nothing can take away our power unless we allow them to do so.

In the school of life, one of the most important lessons we must learn is to take back our power. Then we will experience the wonder of wonders: Instead of sailing rudderless and being tossed and turned at the mercy of the ocean of existence, we will sail smoothly and purposefully. We may even be able to help others along the way! Instead of becoming products of our circumstances, we will create our circumstances, our Reality!!

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