9th Anniversary Celebrations: LHSG India, Mumbai

Seva No. 1 …..
On 15th October, Kirti and Kamini went to Panjrapole Animal Trust grounds to feed and give Reiki to the cows, birds, rabbits …..
They also made a donation of Rs 3000/= (Approx. US$ 49) on behalf of LHSG India Mumbai. Pictures attached above, more to follow.
Here are their accounts and the photos follow:

Kaminiji and I went to Panjrapole today as part of the seva on the ocassion of our group’s 9th anniversary.
Firstly we donated money in the name of LHSG, Mumbai.
Then we bought some grass and went to see the cows.
There were so many cows there but my attention was caught by the calves.
All the cows and calves had different expressions I felt.
Some had slightly cunning look but most of them wore a piteous look.
We fed the grass and gave healing as we could not do openly so while feeding I sent healing with my eyes and heart.
Some calves would have had tears rolling down the eyes which had dried and was visible.
There were also many pigeons and we bought jowar for them to fed.
And there were love birds, parrots, sparrows, 2 rabbits, one hare.
And yes, there were buffaloes as well.
I gave Reiki to the whole place by standing at one place and imagining the whole place in front of my eyes.
Could feel the pain they would have gone through.

Yest Kirti and I went to feed the cows at panhandle gash ala
Have sent u pictures
We feed the cows then we gave them reiki the took it happily they put their heads out through the bars. i felt one could not see too well as she could not connect to the food but on inquiry they said that was not the case
The food cooking is lapsi milk gur and ghee .The cooks were cooking happy lying and even when the hot batter was splattering the were yet laughing it out
We then fed the pigeons
There r a few birds they are bought when they are hurt and then kept for treatment some fly when they r okay some stay on
Then I saw this peepal tree nobody knows how old it is
But it spoke to me asking why I had taken so long to come and meet it I stood there and gave it Reiki
The experience is much more than what I have written.
For my part for the 9th year of our group
I will be invoking the major rivers of india in my tap waters by a mantra and then I will Reiki the water so that the waters of India will be purified
I am doing a mala a day for our pm N modi cause I am sure he can modify india
thank you love Kamini


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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you, Kirti and Kamini. I really appreciate the healings you provide to the animals and nature. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and the photos.

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