9th Anniversary Celebrations …. Kenya: Mukuru Slum Children’s Comments .

On 18th October 2014, with the help of James of Swim Africa and the PTA of Montessori Learning Centre, the Lotus Healing Seva Group hosted their Reiki children from Mukuru slums to a fun day of various activities … jumping castle, boating, volleyball, badminton, team building, cycling among others …. They were also shown a few pictures of hurt and abused animals, which was followed by a discussion on how animals are abused and that we must love, respect and protect all animals, big and small. They then sent Reiki to all hurt and abused animals in the world and to the intention that people must not hurt, abuse or poach animals.

Please read their comments ……

It is heartwarming to know that the lesson of compassion for all creatures was not lost to these children aged 9 – 13 years. And since these youngsters are future adults in the making, we feel confident that we have played a role in producing a caring generation in Kenya.

Kamal Tolia

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  1. Nicole says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for teaching the students about kindness towards animals. Thank you,too for sharing the students’ sweet thank you notes. I am enjoying reading them. It is also great to see their notes written in their own handwriting. Thank you for taking the time to scan the notes and upload them to the internet.

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