LHSG 10th Anniversary Seva 10

On 29th October, LHSG carried out its Seva No. 10 …. A Reiki Level 1 camp for 58 People in the slums of Mukuru, most of them children aged about 12 years. It was conducted by Nalina, assisted by Shariffa, Gauri and Shalini.
The children were so many, it was impossible to include them in one group photo …. Hence we had to take out a few photos of the group at the end. Please read on for Nalina’s report and Shariffa’s comments ….. and do look at the pictures at the end.

It was a truly amazing experience to teach a reiki level 1 class. My first time to teach such a large group of 58 people. Having taken on the responsibility, I wondered how it will be as teaching reiki level 1 is like introducing a brand new concept for the first time and wondering how accepting the people will be to it. I was assisted by Shariffa, Shalini and Gauri and it felt such a comfort having my dear soul sisters with me. A big thank you to all of them for their support.

All these questions and fears were allayed as soon as we entered the room and I set up the sacred space in the room. The group comprised of mainly children under 13 and a handful of adults learning dressmaking and computer classes. The children were so open and responsive and there was an air of positivity in the room. They were also so well behaved and were all absorbing the information and the attunement so completely.

As I started the attunement, I felt the golden light and I didn’t need to think at all as the steps and the symbols just started flowing. I was full of gratefulness as to how things just flow in syncronicity when we are doing seva and how the higher energies come to our assistance.

I would like to share some of the comments from the participants after the attunement:

1. I saw rainbow lights
2. I saw my mother and we were eating a meal together and I felt happy and content
3. I felt warm and relaxed
4. I saw light and I felt happy
5. I saw the moon, the sun and the stars and 2 lights like indicators and I felt so happy

Such comments from young children who are being exposed for the first time to the concept of energy and healing brought happiness to my heart.

Thereafter, the rest of the class proceeded well with the participants doing self healing and partner healing.

I am humbled by the whole experience of having touched their lives with a tool that will help them now and in the future for their well being.

Thank you to my guru and the group for making this seva possible for me to do.

Love and light

LHSG Congratulations on an exemplary camp. The children were assembled. Their names writte. Signed. They were prepared. We arrived in time. The trainers were calm and poised present giving. The children were disciplined receiving participating. So appreciative of the food. From our first visit to Now, we have changed and so have they. This is called benefits of Seva. Seva ka Meva. (Hindi for Fruits of Seva)



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2 Responses to LHSG 10th Anniversary Seva 10

  1. Shariffa says:

    As we tried to navigate the squalor of Makuru,helping hands came out to guide us. They were all too familiar with the sewage and effluence. Beyond this quagmire was a space created by Martina Lordan and Josephine.
    Faces of happy children embraced us. Then judgement and expectation dropped. Here’s we were beyond doing the 100 things we do every day to do one thing for 100 children.
    We were embarking on a journey of no limits that do with the Lotus Healing Seva Group. As we taught the giving energy of Reiki, we received the intangible energy and were carried by it the whole day. A humbling experience that took us into A space of giving and receiving at the same time. Beyond just the physical doing is the BEING. Sk

  2. Nicole says:

    I enjoyed the comments from the students after they received the attunement. Thanks for sharing in the students’ own words. This also had a big impression on me: “Here’s we were beyond doing the 100 things we do every day to do one thing for 100 children.” Thank you.

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