Vets Visit

It was all fur and paws, licking and tail wagging, barking and mewing as one after the other, a dog or a cat was handed to the children for healing. The action was taking place at a veterinary clinic in Nairobi.

Lotus Healing Seva Youth Group members were warmly received at the clinic on Tuesday 13th July. After the vet had treated  each animal, it was given to the eagerly awaiting children for hands on healing. As one child held the animal, another (sometimes two children) gave it healing.

The conditions treated by the youth group were: dogs that had been hit by a car and who had cuts and bruises all over, heart problems, chest infection, a broken front leg, throat infection, deep rooted claw infection, worms, and diarrhea.  In all, 7 dogs and 1 cat were given Reiki.

Needless to say the youth group loved every minute of this experience! They couldn’t get enough of cuddling the animals, petting them and playing with them! They made an instant decision to return once a week on a rota system to the clinic to heal the animals.

The youth that took part in this seva were: Pranav, Bhavik, Simran, Karishma, Anoushka and Ashvi.

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