Appreciation and Thanks

We are often asked … What do we get by doing the Reiki healing and Reiki training seva that we do … what do we achieve?

Our reply is … when sick people feel better almost straightway and they tell us so …. When children who have been trained in Reiki apply it in their lives and are healed physically and emotionally and improve in their studies and behavior … when people who have been looking for a job desperately … and they finally get one! …. These are our unsolicited rewards!

Here below are 3 videos from grateful recipients …

The first one is from a cancer patient at Faraja Cancer Support Centre where LHSG Kenya volunteers every week to give Reiki sessions to cancer patients and their care givers.

The last two are from Mama Margaret and Rachel of Makimei Children’s Home. The children, adults and workers at the Home were attuned to Reiki level 2 a few months ago.

Kamal Tolia

Lotus Healing Seva Group

Founder Member.


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1 Response to Appreciation and Thanks

  1. Monica Gokaldas says:

    Their attitude of gratitude
    Depicts their love aptitude
    Being thankful is a quality
    Of appreciative magnanimity

    The satisfaction to us healers
    On seeing their happy faces
    With relief and, calm and peace
    Is a reward immeasurable

    Oh! Almighty we are blessed indeed
    To be able to share and give care
    By touching life with our hands
    And touching souls with our hearts

    In gratitude I feel like them
    On being a LHSG energy healer
    In me is the Light Worker
    That breathes Reiki in each breath.

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