12th Anniversary Seva No. 16

St Peter’s School for the disabled and mentally challenged is a small school in the Loresho suburb of Nairobi. It caters to children of special needs from the Kangemi and Kibagara slums of Nairobi.

Lotus Healing Seva Group visited the school twice. The first visit was on 9th November. LHSG members Pratima, Dhwani, Priya, Mamta and Shalini had gone to the School. They gave Reiki to the children and to some of the staff. Even with that one session, it was amazing to see the difference in the children. The crying and wailing reduced significantly and they became visibly calmer! The videos below show this visually!

We also donated surgical gloves, liquid detergent soap and toilet rolls to the school.

The second visit was on 16th November. LHSG’s Monica has a report on it.

We have a slide show below as well and two video interviews with Ann the school administrator and Divina, a special needs teacher at the school.

Thank you for your support!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


I knew there was a calling within me when I was approached by Mrs. Rekha Kochhar a few weeks ago to give mass healing to the group of disabled children whom her organization was treating to fun and games on a Sunday morning. Having missed that opportunity I felt the urge to visit the children at their school. I spoke to my guru Kamal Tolia about this and as fate would have it, she visited the school and we started off on a mission.

I went to give Reiki to these children along with Pratima and Yatinder on November 16th. Pratima was instantly recognized by some of the children as she had been there the previous week. These children most of whom are either physically challenged or autistic appeared to be a challenge initially as they wouldn’t sit still to receive the reiki. To our surprise (actually not much of a surprise) they soon became calm and allowed us to give them Reiki.

The Head of the St.Peter’s School for the Mentally Challenged and physically Disabled,  Ms Anne mentioned that with one session of Reiki they had already noticed the children to be less agitated and that she herself was much calmer. Another teacher Ms. Divine and the physiotherapist also felt very good with the healing energies and had positive experiences of becoming calmer and having enhanced hearing.

After the classroom we proceeded to the physiotherapy room where some children were lying on the mattresses. Those children though could not communicate in a formal manner but appeared to like the Reiki energy. One little boy I gave reiki to fell asleep as I continued and another one was simply very happy to hold on to my badge while receiving healing.

This experience was very moving and from my heart I asked forgiveness from these children for the suffering they are undergoing. I felt as if I was being blessed by these pure souls and that they had done a favor to me by allowing me to touch them through Reiki. I am full of gratitude for opportunity and hope to continue visiting the school.

Love and Light

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member


Slide show:

Video: Before the Reiki Healing

Video: After the Reiki Healing

Video: Iinterviews with The Administrator and The Teacher



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3 Responses to 12th Anniversary Seva No. 16

  1. Monica thank you for articulating this so well.
    Behind every act of kindness, behind every plea for justice, behind every move we make to take apart the condition we see before us, that undergird human societies, there is something clear and full of light. That clear luminosity is our love, our love from the heart. It gets us on our feet,our life is worth living. It’s not exactly an act of giving. it’s deeper than that. Ultimately it’s not even about loving these children, it includes them, their carers and goes beyond.

    • Monica Gokaldas says:

      Thank you Shariffa Ji. I am really in gratitude and it’s upon looking at these kids that I am faced with a stark reality of abundance that we take for granted. I feel abundantly blessed with my able body, perfect senses and so much more that I cannot ignore their suffering and conditions. There is a divine purpose that lead’th us to where we are taken.

  2. Nicole says:

    The before and after videos are the greatest testament to the power of compassion, the gift of your time and care, and of course the difference reiki makes. Thank you so much, LHSG.

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