12th Anniversary Seva No. 17

We come to the end of our 12th Anniversary Seva Events: A Reiki training camp for the physically and mentally challenged children of Compassionate Hands Centre in Ruai. Twenty one people (children and a few adult staff) of the centre received initiation into the loving and compassionate energy of Reiki. Although the children’s attention span was small, Punita, who was conducting the camp and Sheela who assisted her, managed to convey the principles of Reiki and teach them the art of practicing Reiki healing on themselves and others. By the end of the day, those little hands demonstrated that Reiki indeed is there for one and all, without exception!

Please read on for Punita’s and Sheela’s accounts and do watch the slide show at the end.

Thank you!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Today 23rd November 2017, was the Reiki level 1 camp for the children of Compassionate Hands Centre of Ruia. For me it was a different experience as I had not taught children under 10 years of age. Some were physically challenged and others had a barrier of speaking English! It was an extremely gratifying experience as I got to learn so much out of this camp while at the same time teaching them Reiki level 1. In total we had 17 children and 4 adults.

My co-teacher Sheela was such a great support, and between both of us we managed to attune and teach these lovely, young, innocent souls.

They were such kind children. In the end after we completed the class, they all clapped in appreciation. That really touched my heart as I felt that there was a sense of connection between us and them.

I give thanks to my Guru Mrs Kamal Tolia for giving me such a beautiful experience of teaching a special group of children and adults.

Lots of love and light

Punita Acharya

LHSG Member


Today saw another successful Reiki camp accomplished. As Punita has clearly given the details, I would like to add that it was very gratifying to see this very mixed bunch of children and adults being able to heal themselves and one another against all odds. The language challenge, the physical/mental challenge or just being very young (ex. 7/8 yrs), did not stop Reiki doing its magic. Their very warm hands were indicative of this. Punita did a superb job being clear and comprehensive in all her instructions.  This made my job assisting that much easier. Beatrice was a star in translating and assisting Punita and I. Shariffaji, thank you for organizing the venue and for availing Beatrice. Gratitude for such a joyful day.


LHSG Member

Slide show:

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2 Responses to 12th Anniversary Seva No. 17

  1. As we saw the little smiling faces
    Struggle to disembark from buses
    In every face was an unspoken plea
    That wrenched my heart of its glee
    Such little souls come from Ruai
    To receive a healing hand and try
    To receive and give to each other
    It was heart breaking
    We gave with love, it took us beyond
    Just giving to a place that was luminous
    The ineffable becoming affable
    Beyond words when the little faces
    Relaxed and their weary eyes shone.
    If every human hand gave to another
    This thanks giving time would be
    What the divine has ordained.

  2. Nicole says:

    Congratulations, LHSG. The children look so happy with their certificates. I can tell it was a special day for all.

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