LHSG In The News

Asian Weekly Newspaper Edition 378 17th November – 23rd November 2017

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  1. The earth is generous to us in giving
    We want to give back we are striving
    How do we do this alone we are forlone
    Lotus Healing Seva Group is very able
    Under the guidance of Kamalji and team
    Planting 155 trees is a special giving
    Mending where our folly was thriving
    What joy as we prayed and planted
    The heart soared, rejoiced and chanted
    We were able to connect with Mother Earth
    Thank you.
    Every time we reach out for those abused
    The ripple effect in the world is suffused
    For this healing comes from the heart
    And gains velocity and back to our heart
    What more Seva is there to be had?

  2. Shobhna says:

    congratulations. very dedicated seva. God bless.

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