12th Anniversary Seva No. 18

Healing & Activating Mother Earth’s Grid with Crystal Seeding on 4 Nov 17

Thank you Kamal aunty for giving me this wonderful seva opportunity.

What is crystal/stone seeding?

Many of us healers work with crystals and power stones.

We energize them with our love and light healing, prayers, mantra chants,positive energy and place them at our homes, altars, handbags,office desk etc for bringing and surrounding ourselves with powerful positive energies.

We can also use these crystals/stones to energize them with powerful intentions and seed them in any element(s) e.g earth, water, fire, air & space, any element that, one feels guided to e.g on mountains, in rivers, forests, our gardens, inside tree trunks any special power place/point.

We use the word seeding since it’s an action, an intention that we ‘seed’ inside the earth or waters or mountains.. that it will root, grow, spread and create a light grid in the mind consciousness of all that is via our Mother Earth’s crystalline grids.

Asking for forgiveness and bringing love and compassion in any situation helps to heal and bring about positive energy hence we used  Ho?oponopono an ancient Hawaiian practice of asking for forgiveness, to energise and activate our crystals/stones to heal mother earth and all that is of her.

I often seed energised crystals in the waters of rivers,lakes,springs,in/on mountains, peace fires,inside or beside trees, or place them at special power points with the intention(s) of what I want to activate in our beloved GAIA’s crystalline grid and consciousness of all that is of HER:US

This, I believe is a loving, healing seva to Mother earth!…..A fun and powerful way to heal Mother earth and all that is of her with Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.

There is so much going on all over our beloved Earth, so much abuse, pain and suffering to humans ,our environment, to animals, plants and so much more..with this crystal seeding the aim was to bring awareness, to allow the energy of Love, forgiveness and compassion to come forth and flow into the earth’s grid and into the mind consciousness of all that there is.

It gives me great joy to say that a total of 52 people (children and adults) from different parts of the world took part in this seva.

Further more, 04 Nov 17,being a full moon magnified our seeding seva.

TOGETHER, our AIM is to see the entire Earth’s grid lighting up with one of us seeding somewhere in the world on the 4Nov was a huge success!

My deepest gratitude to all of you who joined this seva. In all we had 54 people take part in this seva from different parts of the world, USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Kenya, Tanzania, India and Australia. 

I thank you all with love and light.

Tejal Gohil

LHSG Kenya Member


LHSG Kenya

1. Vaishali Patel, Tejal Gohil and Tanrika Patel

Crystal seeding at two rivers in Nairobi,

The first one is the Peponi Road, Behind Eldama Ravine Road and the Second one is the River that Flows past westgate and Ukay Centre.

This is was seeded to create a path and enhance the path of the River Flow, To energize also the rivers of the World, for pollution, neglect, waste and misuse of the Water as it is Source of Life.

This was an amazing Seva and felt so much peace and gratitude again to be able to do this.

Magnifying it with the full moon energies once again the intentions were carried and enhanced as they are meant to be

……… Vaishali Patel LHSG Kenya Member

I felt great and very blessed to have the opportunity to do this seva. I love crystal seeding seva

…… Tejal Gohil LHSG Kenya Member

2. Crystal seeding done in Amboseli, outside the park at Kibo Safari Camp.

I seeded this in a tree bark near a Havan Kund which the owners had constructed and Gayatri Mantras and Havan were conducted and chanted by Brahmins that were brought in from India, hence that part of the area was already energized with the Mantras and positive Vibrations. Here I wanted to Energized the Masai, The people of Amboseli, also Flora and Fauna to have respect and Love for Humans and Animals and Also the conflict that arises between the two to be resolved amicably. Raise the Mind Consciousness of all in around with the Magnified Full Moon Energies…

This Seva Felt very Satisfying and so humbled with the opportunity given to do this and make a difference in both seeding’s and the whole area.

Sometimes words escape my mind and tongue in order to express how fulfilling it felt to do this. I was in total Awe of the whole moment.

With Humble Gratitude and Spirit of Oneness

……. Vaishali Patel LHSG Kenya Member

3. Seeding of the crystal at Amboseli National Park near the Observation Point.

The Area is very dry and Arid, Seeding this crystal was very important as I wanted connect it with Mother Earth Flora and Fauna who are suffering from Drought, food and water shortages with the area and Especially Our beloved Elephants who are the Memory Banks of Mother Earth and are dying because of drought or being killed by poachers. There Numbers are dwindling fast. Hence Let these Crystal Magnify the Healing within the Area.

……. Vaishali LHSG Kenya Member

5. On the 4th Tanirika seeded a crystal in our Garden and I will seed a Crystal in the River behind our house for all the rivers, lakes and oceans.

…. Vaishali Patel LHSG Kenya Member


5. Mamta Advani, Sheela Shah, Cooky Vora and Shariffa Keshavji and family

Crystal seeding in my garden after charging them with Reiki, chanting Ho’oponopono and Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. ….

…… Mamta Advani LHSG Kenya Member

6. I used one of my Tanzanian clear quartz. Seeded her in my garden next to one of my Mugumo tree facing east. I charged her with love, light, healing energies, joy, humbleness and forgiveness for the highest good all inhabitants of this beautiful planet and then gratitude to Mother Earth …….

Sheela Shah LHSG Kenya Member

7. My mountain guide Josaya insisted I summit right to the top of Mount Kenya even though I can’t! He said I will carry you if I have to and we will pray!

I asked him why? He said do you know our farms around the area are so fertile. Our crops are in plentiful…the rains are just right (he attributed this bounty to the crystal seeding I had done at the Mount Kenya peak last year!)

I have enrolled the 3 girls joining us to seed their crystals at the summit. They have read Tejals right up and are keen in their own spiritual way.

My crystal was charged with right balance of water on Mother Earth. May it purify the mind consciousness of whoever and whatever it touches.

Hoponopono to any form of water ice and liquid on earth.

I seeded the crystal in one of the rivers in Mount Kenya……

….. Cooky Vora LHSG Kenya Member


8. I used a fluorite crystal. Cecilia, my househelp and I charged it with Ho’oponopono sentences I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, I thank you before burying it in my garden, recorded on video …..

Kamal Tolia LHSG Founder Member


9. Shariffa, Friends and Family Intentions:

Peace Love and Light, For the world and Kenya, Shariffa

Jafety for children, Lavington Kenya,Janet love and light

Peace Highest Consciousness of leaders in the world. Justice collaboration, Feisal Jamal

Health and peace Runda Nairobi, Peter and Patrick Askari (watchmen), Runda

Peace good health love and Light and forgiveness, Zeenat Jamal, Runda Nairobi

Highest good for the school, Cathrine, Beatrice and Amina, Aga Khan Primary

For success. Good jobs, careers prosperity, Amina and Shariffa Hawkers Market Girls Centre.

Ayla Keshavjee, age 2, For success

Peace for Kenya and Kangemi,  Patrick, Lavington

Peace and amazing conversations, Salim Keshavjee




1. I have been truly blessed to have my sister, Tejal introduce me to the Healing and Activating Mother Earth grid with crystal seeding for the past two years.  It has brought about an amazing transformation in my life that I am now able to voice. I am a Kenyan living in London and connect for seva with kindred souls in Kenya and all over the world, if that is not synchronicity then what is?

The women in my group had not heard about the Seva, however there was immense enthusiasm and our purpose aligned with the seva.  With all the love and energy of the weekend poured into the crystals that were embedded into the centre of the labyrinth in the Abbey grounds on the full moon evening. It set an intention that one of our future retreats can be in Kenya.

My atma namaste, love and light …….

 Shilpa Gohil November 2017

                                                LHSG UK /Germany

1. Bena, Lekha and families

I used 1 octahedron, two quartz crystals with one point, 1 jade 1 more crystal .

Kumud auntie used amythyst.

Lekha plus rest of them used pebbles.

I read out the instructions from the link for the seeding exercise.

No 3 & 4 plus asked for forgiveness from Mother Earth .

Then intentions I put are : for world peace . Healing to world leaders and war zones for peace on Earth & unconditional love and light to spread all over the world .

Lekha : peace amongst humanity . Healing to all animal kingdom plants & Mother Earth .

Manjula   Mami :  Peace for all souls on Mother Earth , inner peace for herself . Chanting Gayatri mantra before seeding.

Kumud Auntie : sent healing to all her ancestors from past and peace for their decedents and peace on Earth.

  Lnl ……Bena Shah LHSG UK in charge


2. Dear Tejal, Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to join so many lovely members to share the seeding of the Crystal to Heal and Activate dear Mother Earth’s Crystalline grid.   I really loved doing this…..maybe my imagination, but I could feel her response of love and gratitude!!

Please see my video of the event of planting in my back garden.

 With love and Reiki Blessings

Love  Namaste! Joan LHSG UK Member 


3. Bhanu: Video



Crystal seeding in India and Australia ….. slide show


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2 Responses to 12th Anniversary Seva No. 18

  1. How beautiful from child
    To the very Old partake in
    Seeding the earth with magic
    Crystals have a certain mystique
    They have many layers and planes
    They can imbibe and absorb
    Thoughts intentions and love
    Capturing esoteric thought
    Seeding them into the earth
    From the translucent to dense
    Symbolizing the ever unfolding
    Of Gods creation and majesty
    Love,light,empathy, peace
    Sending healing to earth
    Our Mother that nurtures
    Spreading love into all of
    Creation timelessness
    Thank you for this Seva

  2. Nicole says:

    This is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing these stories from around the world. I am thankful for this opportunity to learn about crystal seeding. May there be peace.

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