12th Anniversary Seva No. 19

The twilight years for some can be a very sad part of life’s journey. It had become obvious on our weekly seva visits to the Ashram old peoples home that loneliness and despair were the sad companions of the residents. We then decided that along with the weekly Reiki healing we were giving them, training them in Reiki level 1 would bring much peace and calm and self-love in their life.  

Accordingly, on 14th November 2017, Pratima Dutt and Cooky Vora of LHSG Kenya gave Reiki level 1 attunement to the five residents, the manager and the cook of the Ashram.

They learned all about the chakras, and tried their best to follow Pratima’s and Cooky’s instructions for self- healing.

Over the next couple of weeks, with the guidance of Nutan, the cook, they have been continuing with the healing every day. Soon, it is hoped, they will receive the benefits of giving themselves Reiki every day!

Thank you for your support!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


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2 Responses to 12th Anniversary Seva No. 19

  1. Every act of giving opens up the heart of those we touch with Reiki hands. Our heart opens up too. Giving merges the subject with the object. It is beyond space and time. LHSG has led us to the experience of our oneness.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thank you, LHSG. It is so kind of you to continue visiting and helping the residents of the Ashram old people’s home. I am touched that Nutan has been guiding the residents in reiki. That is wonderful for all.

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